The Self Tanner Products Provide A Safer Substitute To Conventional Suntanning

The Self Tanner Products Provide A Safer Substitute To Conventional Suntanning

Today it is still fashionable to look tanned. Many people do not want to look white because they think this reflects an unhealthy appearance. A tan suggests that the wearer is healthy and active. People feel happier when they can replace a white skinned complexion with a bronzed look that could have been produced by the sun. The self tanner was made available to the market over twenty year's ago. It allows the consumer to determine what their skin color looks like. The choices are numerous and can cause confusion if no research is done ahead of time.

Streaking can be avoided by moisturizing ahead of time. Certain areas of the body tend to dry out more easily such as the elbows, knees and the fingers. These areas will tend to streak more than the less dry areas. Applying moisturizer to the dry areas ensures a more even tan resulting in a natural look.

There are many different consistencies to choose from such as an oil, lotion, mousse or spray base. Depending on your skin type there is a preference for one base over the other. Most people prefer to use a spray since it tends to be easier to apply than an oil. A spray bottle application provides the user the opportunity to keep their hands free from the self tanner.

Often people prefer to have another person help spray on the self tanner. The second person can see what areas were missed and quickly correct the errors. This helps to ensure better coverage in those difficult areas that are not easy to reach. Tanning the legs however is not as difficult and the individual can probably do this on their own. Many girls prefer not to wear pantyhose and will self tan their legs with the self tanner spray.

Mousse has proven to be a popular second choice as a self tanner. The mousse is a foamy application that spreads easily for a uniform distribution of the tanning product. Mousse is relatively drip free so the procedure is pleasant and quick.

Sometimes the consumer simply wants to add more color to their face. There is no additional help required when applying a facial self tanner. Always apply a light coat because a little goes a long way. Any streaky areas can be removed with lemon juice applied to a cotton pad.

The tanner who has dry skin will find that the oil based self tanner is the answer for an even, well moisturized tan. Oils that contain plant extracts are ideal for taking care of dryness. They help to improve the circulation of blood providing a beautiful glow combined with the tanning ingredients. Natural oils will also have a delightful natural fragrance that makes the experience a positive one.

Tan boosters are also used to enhance the first coat of the tan produced by the self tanner. They will help to even out the color and enhance the tan even more. Some tan boosters create a shimmer as well adding a special quality to the skin. It's recommended to read the package directions of the self tanner to ascertain that the tan enhancer and self tanner can be used together.

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