Sunless Tan Picture Editing Done Easily

Sunless Tan Picture Editing Done Easily

Tanning has become a big hit among models and photographers because a little bit of darker skin tone will look good on the cover page. However, not everyone is willing to go through hours of sunbathing in order to get this kind of skin color. That is why what most photographers do sunless tan picture editing to make the skin tone of some of their models a little tanned. So for those who would want to have a nice tan in pictures, here are some sunless tan picture editing tips.

The process of sunless tan picture editing in photos is actually very simple however it is important that one possesses the proper software for this task. Probably the best one to use would be the Adobe Photoshop CS3 or CS4 because it has that kind of option. Other sunless tan picture editing software may be used but the most recommended one would be Photoshop.

Now the first step in a sunless tan picture editing would be to open up Photoshop and drag the photo that is supposed to be edited into the Photoshop window. After that, take a look at the right side of the window and look for the layer thumbnails. Right click on the background layer option and select the duplicate layer option that is shown.

The following part in sunless tan picture editing would be to go into the quick mask mode by pressing the button Q. Once it is in this mode, select the black background color and select the brush tool. From there, brush over the area that should be edited.

When that is done, exit the mask mode by pressing Q again. Look up to the upper toolbar and click on select and look for the option that is called inverse. Click on the inverse option and observe that the painted area is now highlighted.

The next thing to do would be to click the solid fill color button that is somewhere at the right and then select pantone 175 c as the new color. After doing this, take note of the current opacity level and make it as high as ninety percent. One will see that the highlighted parts are now tanned.

From there, use the smudge tool and blend the tanned area with the other parts of the skin so that it does not look artificial. The problem with the usual sunless tan picture editing is that the skin tone in one part of the body is not proportional to the rest of it. So in when doing sunless tan picture editing, always make sure to blend it in very carefully so that it looks real.

So basically, that are some of the sunless tan picture editing tips and tricks that one may use in order to enhance his photos. It is always best for the editor to be very meticulous when doing this process because sunless tan picture editing can either make the photo beautiful or completely ruined. So always pay very close attention to details in order to create great photos.

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