Safe Ways To Attain The Look Of Having A Great Sun Tan

Safe Ways To Attain The Look Of Having A Great Sun Tan

There's no doubt about it. Beauty editors everywhere say most folks look better when they have a sun tan. This is true whether the golden hue is achieved artificially or through exposure to the sun's rays. The sun tan rule of thumb applies not only to ladies, but to gentlemen as well.

The old-school approach to getting a glorious sun tan is simply to spend time outdoors with your skin exposed to rays of sunshine. This is guaranteed to work well as long as some common sense precautions are followed. The first thing advised is to protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation by using the proper lotion. It should be applied liberally at least one half hour before you go out. It is also important to apply it again thoroughly if you have perspired a great deal or have gone for a swim.

The amount of time you are exposed to sunshine matters too. You should start with only about a quarter of an hour, and then work your way up to longer periods. That way, you can build up your sun tan in layers and your skin will be less likely to burn.

After-sun care is just as important. To keep your sun tan looking its best, be gentle when cleansing skin on any area of the body. Skin cells can be shed quite easily, and you do not want to wash away the effects of your time in the sun. Also, apply a good moisturizer to counteract the drying effects of sun exposure.

If the climate where you live does not permit you to get a natural sun tan, you may want to consider artificial ways of darkening your skin. Tanning salons are growing in popularity, and for good reasons. You can control the amount of color you receive by limiting the timer on the lamps. A little goes a long way, so be sure to ask the establishment's operator how much time you need to stay in order to get the level of sun tan you want.

An important safety tip is to protect your eyes while trying to get a sun tan. Ultraviolet radiation from any source can have adverse effects on vision, and that is too high a price to pay for a golden glow. Wear sunglasses when exposed to sunshine outdoors and use the goggles you are given at tanning salons.

Other ways to get the healthy look of a sun tan are through spray tanning or lotions that deepen the tone of your skin. Both are effective as long as you follow all of the directions that come with the product. One mistake beginners often make is to leave to much lotion on the palms of their hands, so be careful about this.

To showcase your sun tan to best advantage, choose colorful clothing in vivid blues and greens. Yellows and pinks are good choices as well. As a final accessory, wear your best smile, and both you and your wonderful sun tan will be admired by others.

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