Finding Wholesale & Custom Organic Soap

Finding Wholesale & Custom Organic Soap

Everyone uses soap of one kind or another. This needed aid to cleanliness does not have to be a necessary evil, like the harsh lye soaps of yesteryear. It can be a luxury item. Buying wholesale & custom organic soap is one way guest service providers can promote their brand and get the best, while still saving money over retail prices.

To buy wholesale - without the retail mark-up imposed by a store - you need to be in business for yourself. You need a tax identification number and a business license issued by your state or local government. This means that most products go to retailers who plan to resell them at a larger price, in order to make a profit. And, of course, to pay for rent on a storefront, electricity, and wages for the proprietor and/or employees. The cost of the product is one of the 'costs of doing business.'

Any business may be able to buy direct, as long as they can furnish the tax ID number. For example, the owners of a B&B can buy soaps and other goods they use for their guests directly from manufacturers. Even though they may not resell the item, they can count the purchase as a deductible expense. The same goes for hotels, motels, and restaurants that provide handsoap and towels for their patrons.

If a business wants to set itself apart, it may want 'private label' soaps for its guests. The manufacturer of the product simply uses a custom design for the wrapper of a bar that promotes the B&B or other service provider. In some cases, the maker might create a special kind of product especially for one customer; this product will be exclusive to the customer and available to no one else.

Bar soaps often have pretty wrappers. Liquid soaps are popular for basins; these can also have custom labels that promote a business to its guests. There are foaming hand washes now, as well.

'Organic' means made with all-natural ingredients that come from organic farms or have been wild-crafted, so there has been no use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Now it's necessary to look for 100% organic products, since the regulations require only 70% of the ingredients to be certified. It pays to investigate your suppliers carefully, to make sure they are not cutting corners on both consumer safety and quality.

Buying the best for your custom label means choosing your supplier carefully. There are many businesses, both large and small, that take consumer health seriously and provide clean, natural products. Since the source materials for soaps - vegetable, nut, and tree oils - often come from third-world countries, it's good to look for the 'Fair Trade' seal, too. This means that raw materials come from organizations that protect the interests of the people who grow or gather them. The organization makes sure the farmers get their fair share of the profits.

Soaps made from carefully-sourced, organically-grown plants, with no harsh chemical ingredients or cheap fragrances, are worthy of a private label. Buying wholesale means that you will save money while supporting manufacturers who care about the environment, their customers, and those they buy their ingredients from.

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