Essential Details On Total Laser Resurfacing

Essential Details On Total Laser Resurfacing

For anybody who is considering skin resurfacing, their preferred treatment center needs to be able to meet their specific needs. In the recent past, total laser resurfacing has been embraced by many. It is mostly preferred because compared to other procedures, it has a shorter recovery time and downtime. This has made it the preferred procedure for many.

The first thing that one will need to do is find a clinic within the locality. They can be located using local directory listings. The moment you have a short list of clinics around the area, it would be important to set up an initial consultation with some of them. This will offer the chance to meet the doctor who is supposed to perform the procedure. It will also be the ideal time to ask any questions regarding the procedure, including any doubts and worries.

The cost of the procedure is also an important consideration. It is a procedure that does not come very cheap. Some of the determining factors of costs to be incurred are advancement of the technology used and qualifications of the doctor. The more qualified doctors charge more for their services. In order to get the best deals, one should compare charges of different doctors. Ultimately however, the most important thing is the quality of the services.

It is important to know who the best candidates for the procedure are. The candidates fall within two groups. The first are those looking at it as an anti-aging aid while the second are those looking to remove blemishes and scars from accidents or acne. Most of the candidates in the first category in most cases combine resurfacing with face lift and neck lift. This is so that they get total anti-aging.

Those who look to remove scars use the procedure for removal of effects of acne. As an acne treatment which is done over time, it is able to completely restore tone of the skin and its smoothness. However, deep ice pick type of scarring cannot be removed by the procedure. The procedure is never done beyond the first few skin layers.

During the recovery period, one should ensure they apply the lotions that were prescribed by the doctor. This is in addition to keeping sterile dressings clean and changed often. Even if the after-care is done in the best way, there are still chances of experiencing complications from time to time. When healing, one should stay out of the sun and quit smoking. Effects of second hand smoking are also lethal.

It is common to experience blotches after one has undergone treatment. Luckily, the blotches are able to be easily removed later on by the dermatologist. This is done using bleaching agents. The blotches in most cases affect people who have darker tones of skin. It is also likely that there will be swelling of the area.

Swelling of the treatment areas can be sorted by sleeping with the head elevated, with no more than an extra pillow. One should also expect to experience red skin that looks like sunburn. Any serious side effects should be reported to the doctor.

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