Chief Information Concerning Sun Soak Self Tanner

Chief Information Concerning Sun Soak Self Tanner

People with pale skins all are forever searching for that elusive perfect golden look. But with the knowledge that tanning under the sun will give rise to painful burns or even cancer, many are wary of doing this. A better, faster and more effective way of browning the skin is now available in a bottle in the form of the sun soak self tanner. Sun soak self tanner is a safe alternative and the result is as good as the real thing.

Sun soak self tanner products come in a variety of forms ranging from sprays to lotions, mousses and gels. The lotions and gels are highly moisturized and are therefore good for both dry and combination skin types. They are easy to apply and have a quick drying time. They also do not leave a sticky sensation on the skin. Mousses on the other hand possess very little moisturizer and are therefore suitable for oily skin types. Sprays generally require an extra pair of hands to aid in the application process.

Bronzers are available in several forms and are good to spice up the looks for the atypical special occasion. They are applied on the legs, face, arms and body to give a beautiful golden glow to the user. They come in form of powders, gels, sticks and sprays. Sun soak self tanner also comes in form of a mousse, in addition to these other types.

Sun soak self tanner works through the active ingredient known as dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This is a sugar that reacts with the proteins which are naturally occurring on the topmost layer of skin, the epidermis. This reaction causes the skin to darken, giving the famous fake tan. Skin slowly darkens over time but generally achieves the golden glow in about four hours.

When out in the open, bikinis for women and pants for men have to be worn. Since the sun will only tan the exposed areas, parts covered by the clothing will remain pale and contrast strongly with the rest of the body. People snidely called this pale area the bikini line. Sun soak self tanner tans evenly without leaving any pale areas on the body.

Wax or shave a day prior to application of the sun soak self tanner. Exfoliate the skin and take a shower shortly before applying the sun soak self tanner. This allows the tan to go into the skin evenly. Special attention during exfoliation should be given to drier body parts such as the hands, feet and elbows. This is to prevent the sun soak self tanner from settling deep inside the creases and giving an orange appearance.

Some sun soak self tanner products give rise to a tan gradually over a few days. This may be beneficial to those who do not want to drastically change their looks from being pale one day to being dark the following day. The fast acting tanners give rise to a tan rapidly, some in as little as two hours. They are a great option for people on the rush or for a special event.

Wear a shower cap on your head and gloves on your hands. Shake the bottle of sun soak self tanner well and apply contents evenly on skin using circular movements. Finish last with hands taking care not to apply on the palms. Following these simple steps guarantees that a person achieves a beautiful golden look after application of sun soak self tanner.

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