Avoid Obvious Self Tanning Mistakes

Avoid Obvious Self Tanning Mistakes

Many years ago, in order for beautifully tanned skin to be achieved, one had to spend countless hours laying in the sun while sweating and risking burns. In the 60's a scientific study found a connection between all that time in the sun and skin cancer. It was also during the 60's that self tanning products were created as a safer alternative. The products aren't exactly the same as they were back then, but they do work quite effectively. Home use of self tanning products is not cheaper and more convenient then ever.

When choosing a self tanning product, one should always aim to purchase the best available on the market. Higher end products yield better and more consistent results.

Each person's skin chemistry is unique. One particular self tanning product may yield great results for one person and horrible results for another. This is it can take trying several different products before the right one is found. Quality is not a factor here, it's simply a genetic thing.

For maximum results, the skin should be prepped before any self tanning product is applied. The skin should be washed and exfoliated thoroughly and dried completely before beginning. The best practice is to do this the day before the self tanning product is applied. Exfoliation is essential for removing the build up of dead skin cells on the body. Patched of dead skin cells can cause self tanning to look patchy and uneven in areas.

After cleaning and exfoliation, the self tanner can be applied. A slow circular motion for most self tanning creams is the best way to do the application. Do not attempt to cover the entire body at once. Choose one area to work on and once the self tanning product has been absorbed completely application in a different area can begin. The mixture of circular motion and allowing small areas to absorb will create a more even and flawless tan.

Ares like the knees, elbows and ankles have thicker skin than other parts of the body and self tanners are absorbed more easily which can lead to these areas looking much darker than everywhere else. A lot of people don't even apply anything to those areas or is they do, it is only a very light layer.

Choosing the correct shade of self tanning product is very important as well. For first time users, a lighter shade is usually the most suitable until more experience using these products is gained. Lighter shades do not show mistakes as prominent making them perfect for users testing out these types of products as they hide any flaws are blotchy areas very well.

By following a few simple tips during application, a self tan can be just as good as a tan gained from sun exposure. If applied correctly no one should be able to tell that self tanning was used at all. A well maintained tan can be kept all year long without having to spend any time in the hot sun.

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