All Sun Self Tanning Lotion Reviews

All Sun Self Tanning Lotion Reviews

If you do not know which self-tanner to choose, take a look at some of Sun Self Tanning Lotion Reviews. This product is not the cheapest you'll find, but it is certainly high quality and has excellent characteristics. The formula is based on natural ingredients and sugar, and applications quick and easy, thanks to a built-in indicator.

Some self-tanning products have a really bad smell. Here it is not the case. Lotion has an appetizing aroma of almonds and a cherry, which is really a welcome change for those who cannot tolerate the characteristic odor similar products have. If you will be able to feel a hint of such fragrance later, it will be barely noticeable.

The color is really realistic. Many products have an orange undertone, which does not look realistic or appealing. Here it is not the case. The color is especially dark and attractive, somehow it has a kind of olive undertone, so it appears just like a result of prolonged exposure to the tropical sun.

Choice of shades is satisfactory, especially the choice of very dark tones. Everyone can find something for themselves, even a very light-skinned person. Even the darkest shades look completely natural, with instant products and with those with prolonged action.

Applying could not be easier. The lotion has a built-in color indicator that provides an even application without streaks and spots. The color is quite dark, so the possibility of error is minimized. This color is only temporary, and will be washed away with the first shower.

As with other similar products, it is advisable to take care of the proper preparation of the skin. Deeply cleansed and exfoliated skin will provide excellent results. Rough skin on heels and elbows absorb more color, so you need to pay particular attention to those parts and wipe off excess paint with a soft cloth.

In fact, this color looks and behaves just like a natural tan. Gradually fades, and even if you want to keep the look, you need to use moisturizers and exfoliating products. Moisturizers keep the color and exfoliate products shorten its lifetime, but provide a uniform look. To maintain the color intensity, you simply need to apply a new layer when you consider it necessary.

The danger of excessive sun exposure and tanning services price make this product a perfect method for achieving bronze skin tones. Quickly and easily achieve the desired results without risking your health. Each bottle is enough for several layers, so this lotion is affordable, regardless of the slightly higher price.

Sun Self Tanning Lotion provides instant results so that your skin will immediately get a nice golden hue. Over the next three hours, the color will become more and more intense, until it reaches the desired bronze. You do not have to worry for your clothes or bedding, because it does not leave marks on fabrics.

If you still are not sure which product to choose, read some of the Sun Self Tanning Lotion Reviews. Surely you will like this product because it has truly outstanding characteristics. Natural ingredients, realistic color, pleasant aroma, ease of application and good durability are good reasons for choosing this Sunless Tanner.

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