A Few Reasons For Choosing Sunlabs Lotions

A Few Reasons For Choosing Sunlabs Lotions

Sun Laboratories or Sunlabs is widely known for very high quality self-tanners. Established back in 1983, the company initially produced a line of products known as Giesee. The successful formula is constantly being improved in their own laboratory. Therefore Sun Labs still leads the field of self Tanner industry.

There are so many reasons to choose Sunlabs products. They are so easy to apply, they leave no streaks and provide impeccable results. The color lasts for a week, and it looks attractive all the way. If you take a good care of it, it might last longer. These products are sold all over the world and highly appreciated among all users.

Another great characteristic of all Sunlabs lotions and other self tanners is their appealing fragrance. The majority of self-tanning products have a rather unpleasant odor. All their products have a pleasant, light scent of almonds and cherries, which makes them much more attractive to most users. If you've been avoiding similar products because of the characteristic odor, try Sunlabs and you might change your mind.

This unappealing smell self tanners mostly have is due to DHA. DHA is the active ingredient in all good self tanners. This sugar-based compound reacts with amino acids in surface skin layer. Resulting bronze color is very nice, but this reaction also results with this characteristic odor most people find very annoying. Sunlabs tanners are made using innovative formula and have very appealing fragrance.

Sunlabs has a range of different mousses, creams, lotions and gels to achieve bronze color easy and quickly. These products are available in several shades, to meet the needs of different users. During the year, the skin can be slightly tanned. Sun-kissed skin looks very nice, hides minor flaws, and has a special glow. Using different color enhancers and bronzers can provide even more convincing effects.

Lotions are definitely the most popular items in Sunlabs offer. Even so, different foams, mousses and gels are also highly appreciated. Facial self tanning cream works great even if your skin is especially sensitive and dry. Sunlabs instant mousses are the best solutions for people who simply have no time to wait until the color develops.

Most Sunlabs self tanning products need several hours to achieve the final color. When the color is finally set, it won't leave any stains or traces, and you can behave quite normally, with no concern for your bedding or clothing. If you are interested in really intense dark shades, Sunlabs products are the right choice. So dark and attractive shades you will not find anywhere else.

Professional salons are happy to use Sunlabs tanning products. They can be used both in tanning booths and for airbrush gun. Applied by an airbrush, the color is really impeccable. Using airbrush technology, the color is applied in for of a light mist. The skin is perfectly covered this way, especially if applied by a real pro. You will find an airbrush gun or handy spray applicator for home use as well.

The most interesting part of their offer are attractive and handy sets. Besides the self-tanning lotion, there are also very good exfoliating gel and one good quality moisturizer. Handy spray applicator is easy to use and further facilitates application of Sunlabs products.

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