What One Should Know About Sunless Tanning Verses A Natural Tan

By Haywood Hunter

Sunless tanning is popular, and is the process whereby the skin's color is darkened by the use of specifically formulated products. This is opposed to natural methods that involve the sun. Sunless tanning is often called UV-free, because it does not use Ultraviolet rays, and is also a fake tan, because it is caused by unnatural methods. People have been sunless tanning since the 1960's in order to protect their skin from undesirable diseases, such as skin cancer.

A tan from the sun will naturally darken the skin by UV radiation. Although a tan may appear just from everyday outside activities, a person could choose to purposefully suntan, or sunbathe. Many people use sunless tanning methods instead of the sun because it is safer. From a natural tan, a person could end up with skin cancer, or at the very least, a painful sunburn.

Sunless tanning products are just as capable of creating an attractive skin color as the sun. Local beauty shops and online stores sell different types of sunless tanning products. Sunless tanning creams and lotions were most popular at first, and needed to be applied just like body lotion. However, now there are products in the form of gels, sprays and foams, which are convenient. The products are all formulated with care to ensure the best results are achieved.

The general take on sunless tanning products is that they are easier to handle and come readily available for people who may suffer adversely from long exposure to the sun. Users should follow advice on skincare to know whether or not their skin could react to such products. A doctor's advice and skincare tips should help achieve the best sunless tanning results.

There are so many sunless tanning products that it is not easy to select one that is of a good quality. Some are just cheap variations that do not work well. Try to find a store that is credible, and with staff who are able to assist with information regarding sunless tanning products.

Sunless tanning products can be applied in just minutes, and it will only take a couple of hours for your tan to start showing. They are much less hassle than finding the time to suntan. The products are also designed to take care of the skin. Remember though, that a little sun is good, as it provides the skin with vitamin D, and helps with certain skin conditions.

On a downside, sunless tanning can be negative economically, due to the high cost of buying and using the products. Still, sunlamps found in sunless tanning beds use UV rays that are similar to those produced by the sun, and can cause skin cancer. A natural tan can also cause premature aging of the skin if it is exposed for a long time to UV rays.

Dermatologists are wonderful people from which to seek information about sunless tanning products. They will be able to tell you if your skin will handle the product well. Try to also choose a product of higher quality, for the best results.

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