Using Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion To Attain A Deeper Bronze Skin Color

Using Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion To Attain A Deeper Bronze Skin Color

Applying ultra dark tanning lotion allows you to obtain the richest possible fake suntan. It contains large amounts of DHA, a sugar-based chemical that is highly effective in darkening the complexion artificially. The really deep golden brown skin tone produced by ultra dark tanning lotion closely resembles the real thing, and it may be enjoyed for about an entire week.

Individuals who are blessed with tanned skin but like the color to intensify further will be glad that the ultra dark tanning lotion is around. The use of any other product may not leave them satisfied, especially something that's formulated to produce light to moderate suntan effect. The best indoor tanner to go for is something made to generate a deep brown hue.

A lot of people are into obtaining fake suntan these days. Reaching for that ultra dark tanning lotion causes a really striking change in your complexion without endangering your well-being. Ultra dark tanning lotion delivers what it promises while you remain safe inside the home. DHA it contains effectively darkens the skin without the involvement of UV radiation.

Sunbathing is an activity that many are staying away from due to the adverse effect on the health. Experts in the field of medicine consider UV radiation as a carcinogen (group 1) because there is adequate data available showing that it can trigger cancer in humans. Although sitting in the sun makes your complexion glow, it also increases your odds of having deadly cancer.

By applying ultra dark tanning lotion, you no longer have to lie in the blistering sun for hours in order to enjoy an intense bronze complexion. The product spares you from being touched by unnecessary amounts of UV radiation, and this helps keep skin cancer at bay. Sunbathing need not be an option for as long as your bottle of ultra dark tanning lotion is around.

DHA in ultra dark tanning lotion produces the initial skin tone change about 3 hours from the time of application. You need not wait that long just to see a satisfying effect. Ultra dark tanning lotion also contains bronzer that leaves a rich brown stain. It doubles as a guide so you can tell if there are missed spots, letting you end up with the smoothest fake suntan.

Allowing ultra dark tanning lotion to stay on your skin for 6 to 8 hours or even more gives DHA in the product plenty of time to do its job. It's a good idea to rub on the tanner a couple of hours before bedtime so you don't have to worry about anything else as your base complexion is being intensified. The deepest possible color DHA can produce shows up in 24 to 72 hours.

Ultra dark tanning lotion is ideal for people who came into this world naturally tanned but want to sport a more intense color. Because the product works even without UV radiation exposure, you can look more desirable sans putting your well-being on the line. This indoor tanner allows you to obtain a realistic and deep fake suntan for about an entire week.

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