The Best Varicose Vein Treatments

By Mattie Knight

Varicose veins are common. Women are more prone to this condition than men. They are commonly found either on the inside or on the calves of the legs. A lot of people in Somerville, NJ manage to relieve the signs of this condition by moving or elevating their legs and wearing support socks or compression. But, some prefer to undergo surgery to easily remove spider veins. Sclerotherapy is actually has been in use for many years for the situation.

Although this type of treatment has only fewer complications, but mostly it is less effective. This kind of treatment is actually known in removing veins appearing after the surgical operation. It is also used for the treatment of spider veins which can be removed for many reasons. Actually, they do not cause any complications especially if treated earlier. Though there are so many varicose vein treatments Somerville available out there, but you do not have to undergo such treatment if they do not cause you discomfort and pain.

Actually common signs and symptoms for these conditions can be seen earlier. If you experience leg cramps even when resting, then most probably, symptoms are developing. You may also notice swelling legs, feeling pain in a specific area of your legs particularly after standing or sitting for a long period, l and a twisting vein.

Some women may experience the worst symptom during menstruation. Actually, there are some complications that you may experience due to varicose veins. These include inflammation of the affected area and a developing blood clot. On the other hand, there are several causes for a person to develop a varicose vein.

One of the reasons of having a varicose is due to hormonal factors. It can also be hereditary. Once a family has the history of having varicose veins, there is a possibility that the next generations will experience the same, too. Obese and overweight individuals may also experience it as well as pregnant women. If you really want to know the real reason, then be sure to consult your doctor first to understanding certain things and to avoid assumptions.

The lifestyle of a person also plays a vital role and people who have jobs that need standing for longer periods are at risk. Any treatment is usually important for cosmetic reasons. Aside from that, if there are developing complications such as pain, leg ulcers, and leg swelling, make sure to visit your doctor for suggestions.

If your doctor recommends you a treatment, you will be advised a self care at home and should follow their instructions to make the therapy successful. Basically, patients are advised to use compression socks, a regular exercise, elevating the legs when relaxing, and avoid too much standing.

Some treatments are not necessary unless signs become problematic, such as feeling too much pain on the affected areas and discomfort. But, some people want immediate treatments to remove the veins that distract them. And since this condition cannot be immediately cured, make sure to consider preventive ways. Also, it still best to use alternative options without the need of an operation.

Make sure to avoid crossing the legs when you are resting or sitting. Of course, a regular exercise is so much important. Also, eat a healthy diet to maintain your body weight. Aside from that, avoid wearing tight clothing that would hinder the waist leg, groin or leg to move easily. Make sure to avoid getting constipated. Finally, if you are standing for a long period of time, shift the weight of one leg to another.

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