Sun Labs Kits Provide The Products You Need

By Haywood Hunter

Sun Laboratories experts are not just formulating products for the tanning of the skin, but the cleansing and exfoliating of the same as well. They therefore came up with Sun Labs kits, which are sets of different products aimed at achieving the best results. A complete beauty regimen would normally include the removal of dirt, which if not properly done, ends up clogging the skin. This could lead to breakouts. Professionals at Sun Labs clearly understand the importance of cleaning the skin before tanning.

Woman are particularly kept in mind when it comes to skin-cleansing products. They are busy, with limited time to attend to healthy skin routines, and therefore Sun Labs products are usually quick and easy to use. The Airbrush Self Tanning kit from the laboratory is a great time-saver, and is ideally suited to woman who want to achieve a good and healthy-looking tan, but who don't have hours to spend on it.

The kit's contents include several products, but the self-tan lotion is very convenient because it can be sprayed on at any time and anywhere. It is referred to as the Ultra Dark Tanning lotion. Before using the spray you must exfoliate your skin with the body gel provided, and after the tan is in place, there is a cream that will increase the longevity of browner skin. All these products play a vital role in the self-tanning process, and are of a high quality.

The Sunscreen range of products help to block the harmful effects of ultra violet rays from the sun when someone is outdoors. The kit include lip balm which protects against sunburn, and heals cracked lips as well. Pure Aloe Vera gel is made with herbal botanical extracts that have exceptional healing and soothing properties for dry skin that has been damaged by diverse environmental factors. It is particularly helpful with indoor tanning.

Sunscreen glitter gel is a newer form of sunscreen that is very fashionable. It makes the skin shine beautifully in the sun, while simultaneously protecting it from UV rays. If you love to look good at the beach then this product may be the special thing you need. Usual sunscreens are offered as well, and are the type that do not come off in the water.

After the completion of your quick self-tan routine, or after time spent in the sun, ice finalizing gel can be used. It is made from natural botanical extracts, and soothes the skin. The gel is a wonderful product to buy on its own or within a self-tan kit.

After your tan has successfully been applied, it is important to maintain it for as long as possible using Sun Labs Kits. There are specific products available for this purpose that are also included in the kit. It is usually a cream or lotion that will need to be applied to the area of skin that has been self-tanned.

Sun Labs products offer great value for money as they have a full range of products that are essential to complete the unmatched look of sunless tanned skin. At the same time, they nourish and maintain the skin's natural moisturizers. The Sun Labs Kits are becoming increasingly popular.

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