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By Haywood Hunter

Doctors tell us that being out in direct sunlight can be hard on our skin. Research shows that ultraviolet rays in sunlight can accelerate aging and lead to skin cancer. However, people still want to have a tan for the summer months. Sun Labritories offers a complete line of sunless tanning products to make a safe tan possible.

Sun Labritories bases its reputation on offering safe and effective sunless tanning products. Customer reviews say that the tan achieved will have a natural, sun-kissed look without the orange tint that makes a tan look fake. The coloration of the skin lasts well, and the skin is moisturized with application of the Sun Labritories tanning solution.

Sun Labritories states that natural ingredients are used to protect skin. They promise that their gels, lotions, and sprays are safe for all skin types. Customer reviews again report that those with sensitive skins had no adverse reactions, even on the delicate facial area. Many health food stores display Sun Labritories products for sale, which says a lot about product purity and safety.

The depth of tan you want will dictate which Sun Labritories product you choose. The medium lotions produce a lighter, biscuit-y tan very popular today. For those who want a rich, deep-golden hue, the dark line of products is available. More than one coat applied several hours apart will deepen the color. Since it takes only about three hours to see results, quick summer color is possible.

Many users apply the product of choice and go to bed after it dries on their skin. The color might come off on sheets, but it does not stain. Hands should be quickly washed after each application. Upon awakening, users report being pleased with their natural-looking, golden tan. Sun Labritories products are safe to use on facial skin and all over the body.

You can buy a four ounce size of a Sun Labritories product of choice to make sure you like the results you will see. Since further applications will be needed to maintain a tan all summer, the company offers larger sizes. You can get a 32-ounce size or even buy a gallon to make being tan affordable. The cosmetic line includes a tan-extending lotion to make each application last as long as possible.

Go online to get a free sample. This will help you validate the claims of even, natural self-tan after one application and only a few hours. It is a healthy way to tan indoors in privacy. Sprays are available if you don't want to risk staining your hands. Many customers prefer manual control, but Sun Labritories has instructions for the successful use of sprays.

Voted best self-tanner for 2012, Sun Labritories products will give you a long-lasting, natural-looking tan. Your skin will look and feel great after using one of these tested and reliable tanners. Since doctors recommend staying out of harmful ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight, using sunless tanning preparations is a wise alternative to sunbathing for the hours necessary to darken pale skin.

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