Important Guidelines When You Want To Spray Tan At Home

By Haywood Hunter

Many people today are finding it easy, convenient and affordable to spray tan before. This has been made even more possible by the availability of many sunless tanning products that make spray tan at home easy for most people. It is the safest and most effective way to get a sun-kissed tan without the many risks that comes with sunbathing and the use of tanning beds. Spray tan at home is done using self tanning sprays, and other tanning products available in the market include mists, creams, as well as tan lotions.

When looking to get started on self tanning, rest assured the tanning products are readily available. They are readily available in tanning lotion salons, cosmetic shops, and thanks to technological advancements, they can also be availed on the internet. They are marketed as home tanning sprays and are available from different manufacturers.

This means you will be lost for options when shopping for self tanning products to use at home. Even so, you have to read online reviews of the different self tanning supplies so as to find the most suitable to use at home. You can only achieve your desired results when self tanning at home when you use the top rated spray tan at home products, hence the need to be more careful in your selection.

Having said that, there are some important things you need to know when preparing to spray tan at home. You should always choose the highly rated self tanning products; this can never be overemphasized enough. You also have to know that tanners come in various shades and your shade will be determined by your skin color and tone. For those wishing to get a darker tone, applying several layers when you spray tan at home can help achieve the desired dark tan.

Exfoliation is also an important step before the process of self tanning at home begins. Most people do not get their desired results when they spray tan at home because they did not exfoliate as required. As a matter of fact, exfoliation is what will often determine the end results, hence has to be done effectively and thoroughly.

Exfoliation before one starts to spray tan at home is more than doing a casual buff using a puff, sponge or a simple wash cloth. It is not something that takes two or three minutes when one is in the shower. Exfoliating the body in preparation for a spray tan at home product has to be done thoroughly.

When done well, exfoliation helps get rid of all the dry and unsightly patches that hold on to tan spray and make it appear with stripes and uneven when you spray tan at home. Most health and beauty experts even recommend the use of a scrub with salicylic acid as an active ingredient if only to make the skin softer.

A spray tan at home product should never be applied before thorough exfoliation is done. During the exfoliation process, the skin should be buffed in circular motions and allowed to rest for a few days before the tan is sprayed. Still on point, it is often advisable to shave before a spray tan at home is done. This is the only guarantee of even tan results, since hair growth, or shaving after applying tan, can remove the tan and leave streaks behind.

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