Get Out In The Sun And Feel Healthier As A Result

By Haywood Hunter

While many people have become aware of the dangers of over exposure to sunlight, with the risk of skin cancers well known by us all now, there are still many health benefits to spending time out in the sun. While sunburn should always be avoided, getting the right balance between being outside and protecting yourself is a good way of giving your body and mind a natural tonic. Some of the health benefits which can result from being out in the sun are detailed below.

A key benefit of spending time in the sun is that it allows the body to produce the Vitamin D that it requires naturally. Conditions such as rickets are caused by having too little of this vitamin. Some cancers, as well as respiratory conditions like asthma, have also been linked to having too little Vitamin D in the body.

The sun's rays act directly to initiate production of Vitamin D3, with UVB rays reacting with skin-based cholesterol to help the liver and kidneys manufacture the vitamin. This necessary process cannot happen unless we expose our bodies directly to light from the sun. Glass blocks out UVB rays, so sunbathing through a window does not have the same effect.

This means that it is actually good for you to expose skin to sunlight for at least 20 to 30 minutes, on three or four occasions each week. Sunlight through windows will not have the same positive effects, as the glass in windows blocks UCB rays while letting in UVA rays, which are potentially damaging. Sun screens often work to block UVB rays, which can work to produce Vitamin D.

The body will also never allow itself to overdose on the vitamin, as it has a natural, in-built resistance which kicks in when enough has been created. For the full benefits of exposure to sun, it is a good idea not to wash straight away with soap. This will strip away the skin's oils which help with the production of Vitamin D, so leave them alone for a few minutes after coming in.

There has also been some research carried out recently at Edinburgh University which states that the light from the sun could help with conditions such as high blood pressure and heart attack, as well as reducing the risk of dying of a stroke. This could have a massive impact on the life expectancy of many people. The potential benefits are so great that they may well outweigh the risk from skin cancer.

UV rays were found by this study to release a compound called nitric oxide, which looks like it acts to reduce blood pressure. While more research is necessary to establish the exact reasons for this, it looks like light from the sun can offer more than just Vitamin D. Stroke and heart attack kill approximately 80 times more people than skin cancer in the UK, according to the BBC.

Exposure to light from the sun can therefore be seen to be good for you in a number of ways. It can keep your heart healthy, as well as ensure you have sufficient Vitamin D. If you are concerned about any specific health issue relating to the sun, consult a medical professional.

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