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By Haywood Hunter

Sun tanning is associated with damage on the skin due to the presence of UV light. It is difficult to predict the duration in some areas while you still do not have absolute control of the outcome. Hollywood Tans is a franchise salon with outlets spread in major towns and cities. It is an opportunity to achieve an overnight and sunless tan that will give your desired appearance.

The interior design and setup offers comfort for customers walking through the door. The environment is relaxing and spacious. There are standup booths for those who do not want to lie on the beds. The booths are convenient when working on some hidden areas on the body. These booths raise the level of hygiene and comfort.

Standardization of services offered in different salons gives an assurance of high quality services. The stores are equipped with state-of-the-art accessories to guarantee high quality services. International standards reduce unnecessary movement and enhance comfort. It makes the results predictable and reliable.

Clients are handled by highly trained and accredited tanning professionals. They have their practicing licenses and incredible years of experience in the industry. This is advantageous in ensuring precision with products and customer expectations. They guarantee the best results regardless of the type of skin.

Customer service is meticulous to give the best experience to any visitor. This makes the minutes spent at the salon memorable and rewarding. The level of services is reciprocated in all salons within the franchise such that it feels like the same tanning table everywhere. It is relaxing and allows you to relief stress. Every client is given the attention she deserves.

An innovative approach in the design of tables guarantees comfort and ease throughout the process. They are made following professional design. Constant travelers will find standardized services across the franchise very reliable. You do not have to wait until you return to that salon in your neighborhood. Professionalism and attention to details are the reward for your visit.

The choice of products to use in order to achieve a particular tan is based on experience and professional considerations. Clients are introduced to such innovative products as VersaPro that is warm and dry during application. It does not give a freezing or cold sensation during application.

Professionals in tanning understand the needs of each skin type. This prevents exposure to allergic reactions. They will choose a product that is reliable and one which guarantees accurate results. They do not have room for trial and error considering the challenge of removing a tan once applied. They know the products to deliver a very dark, dark or medium tan for each skin type.

Patrons to the salons are not required to have appointments when going for a tan. Services are provided on walk-in basis and in the shortest time possible. The skin is adequately prepared to enhance expected results.

Reasonable pricing ensures access to the best services by everyone. Payments are made in diverse and convenient ways including online transfers and using credit cards. Installation of high quality performance bulbs has lessened the time taken to achieve desired results. Safety and hygiene are the factors that have informed the choice of stand-up booths.

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