Discovering What Airbrush Tanning Lotions To Utilize Is A Very Good Decision

By Haywood Hunter

Looking summer bronze all year round has its advantages in society. There are some things that you should keep in mind if preparing for an airbrush tanning session. The details can include the preparing of the skin, your face and the nails. This is only a guide line. Other preparations could be insisted upon by the salon.

The preparations for your skin and your nails, and this will include both your toe as well as your finger nails.Applying a coat of nail polish before going to these sessions is also a very good idea. This can be either a color coat or a clear coat. It really does not matter. Try and do this well in advance.

Your nails will be wiped off after your session. Having the nail polish on your nails is just a precautionary measure to prevent any staining to the nails. If you are planning on having any facials or waxing as part of the grooming session, try and do it before your treatment. Do not get waxed after your session. This is not a good idea. Something else that should be done well in advance before going for your bronzing sessions is threading and waxing of the eyebrows as well as the lips.

A very important thing that you need to remember to do before your session is to exfoliates well as shave. When doing this you will remove all the excess dead skin cells and will make a smoother surface for the bronzer to stick to. If you do not exfoliate before and you go for the bronzer, the bronzer will cling to the excess skin cells and wash off.

After the treatment it is also recommended that you limit your amount of shaving as this also count as a form of exfoliation. There is also the lotion and make up part to consider when preparing for such a treatment. There should not be any form of lotion, sunscreen or oil on your skin.

No makeup is also a rule to remember. Nothing should be applied to the skin. Not even earlier that day. Should you have light make up on your skin, there are usually some wipes in the salons to wipe the skin clean. What will be allowed though is something like lipstick, lip glosses, chap sticks and on the eyes, mascara. This can be applied before the session or even afterwards. Another thing that will not be allowed on for a session is deodorant.

What can be expected after the session? This is another frequent question that is raised by clients. When coming for your session and it is raining or snowing, remember to bring clothing that you can wear that is waterproof. This is to prevent the bronzer from washing off before it could develop. You might also notice that the treatment has a slight odder and that your skin might be a little bit sticky.

Smelling the odder and having the sticky skin is very normal. Do not touch your skin to see if your skin really is stick as the treatment will tint the palm of your hands. You can wash your hand but it might be a bit tricky as the top of your hand should not get wet. These are only a few things that you need to know of before you go for your next session.

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