Applying Tanning Accelerator To Better Production Of Dark Pigments

By Haywood Hunter

When talking of tanning accelerator, it just means some lotions or pills that boost the amount of melanin that the skin would naturally when exposed to UV rays. There are several varieties of these substances, but the common ingredient that they contain is psoralen, a substance derived from citrus oil and other plants.

The main component of tanning accelerator is an amino acid called psoralen. It speeds up melanin production, so that the skin can become darker. Some forms of tanning accelerator also contain another enzyme called tyrosine. The exact role played by this enzyme is yet to be known.

It is a common practice to find tan loving people lounging in the sun where they expose their bodies to sunshine so that it can get tanned. This leads to a natural looking tan that is very beautiful on the skin. The main issue with this method is that the sun will not be shining for the 365 days of the year. There are times when you will not see it.

One way of getting tans indoors is by using tanning accelerator. City residents have another option of using tanning bed services. However, getting a tan from this kind of a bed is not very possible. To speed up this process, make sure you bring along a tanning accelerator.

As has already been discussed, tanning accelerator plays a key role in improving the manufacture of melanin in pigment cells. If the cells have more melanin in them, they tend to be darker. The opposite also holds true.

This is where tanning accelerator comes in. It is specifically made so that it raises the level of your pigment cells. This in turn makes the process of achieving the desired tan a lot easier. Tanning accelerator can either be used outdoors or indoors.

Apart from the role of stimulating production of melainin, tanning accelerator also moisturizes the body and rids the skin of any dead cells. In short, when you have purchased this product, you do not have to buy a special lotion for moisturization. There is completely no need for that.

The increase of melanin however, is not totally due to the tanning accelerator itself. It contains in it the natural enzymes that will be taken up by your skin. By the time these enzymes get to your body, it becomes possible for the body to begin producing melanin. Note that the tanning accelerator is not a producer of enzymes per se, but only serves to stimulate its production.

It is important that, before deciding to buy any tanning accelerator, you make up your mind regarding whether you will get an outdoor tan or an indoor one. The kinds that are designated for indoor use will normally contain more tyrosine as compared to the outdoor ones. Tyrosine just refers to the type of amino acids that are known to strongly stimulate melanin production in the body.

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