Affordable Local Choices Which One Can Use As Sunless Tan Remover

By Haywood Hunter

You have applied a tanning product and the results are not anything close to savory. It appears as if you are staring at a tanning disaster that you cannot help. It could be that your palms have the disgusting shade of orange and you also have a blotchy and streaky. Most people would panic when faced with this situation. However, you do not have to. With a sunless tan remover, this problem is nothing to worry about. Below are home things that can serve the purpose of sunless tan remover.

When removing the tanning product, begin by exfoliating. The entire affected area is moisturized. Thereafter, this area is soaked in warm bath for close to 30 minutes. Lastly, make sure you have cleansed the self tanner from your skin. You should use a loofah together with an exfoliating scrub for this sunless tan remover to work.

This process helps in removing the effects of sunless tan remover. In a situation that this is not possible, the tan must be removed altogether. It also could be that the areas of your knees, wrists and elbows have been darkened by a particular sunless tan remover. You can remove it by using the method of exfoliation.

For the areas around the bottom of your feet as well as your palms, you should use facial hair bleach. Ordinarily, you may use any kind of bleach. However, facial one would be the most recommended as an alternative sunless tan remover. After applying the bleach onto the bottom of your feet or the or on your palms, you need to let it sit there for 10 minutes.

After waiting for ten minutes, the bleach is washed off. This is by gently scrubbing it by using a wash cloth. Hair bleach is the best for removing tan especially on the parts that are under your nails. This is the best sunless tan remover for this kind of stain and it works wonders. When applying the hair bleach, you need to use q-tip, and this ought to be for 10 minutes.

Another natural sunless tan remover is the baking powder. When using it, you first have to open up your pores. This is done by soaking your body in a warm bath. The affected areas are scrubbed using the baking soda and consequently washed off using a wash cloth. In the case where the tanner has also affected the neck and the face, scrub baking powder onto a damp skin, and this is supposed to be in a circular motion. Rinse it off afterwards.

Citrus fruits, especially lemon, is a great natural sunless tan remover. This is best used on neck and facial areas. Rub a fresh lemon thoroughly but lightly, and it will have the effect of leaving the area of your skin that is affected looking more radiant and lighter.

If the orange glows persists even after trying out the above alternatives for sunless tan remover, your last option would be to try using alcohol. This is rubbed onto the area which is affected. When applying this to parts of the face, you need to be very cautious. If you apply too much of it, it will leave your skin dry. Another thing you could try is the eye makeup remover. As far as sunless tan remover is concerned this is a great option for you to try.

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