When In Need Of Assistance With Your Tan You Must Find A Reputable Self Tanner

By Haywood Hunter

All folks have tried to do a bit of home tanning. Every person has used some self tanner at one time or another. Most of the time it never turns out the way it normally does when going to a spa. There are tricks to getting that perfect color without having to spend hours sitting in the sun.

Having to go to the spa can be time consuming and not everyone can afford it. Try purchasing your own start-up kit and practice on yourself or even a willing family member. As time goes by it might even become a small business that you can do to earn extra money.

To start with this regime you must first exfoliate. The top layer of your skin normally comes off by itself and if this is not removed the tan will not stay on for very long. This will also ensure that all dry skin will be removed, be sure to do the whole leg and not to miss any spots as this could leave marks when applying.

To ensure that the tan will have a smoother look, try shaving beforehand. If you do this after applying the lotion it could leave splotchy marks all over your legs. If you have very sensitive skin it might be an idea to shave a day or so before hand as it could leave a burning sensation which is very uncomfortable and some instances sore.

The face is one of the areas that tend to be overlooked the most. If not applied correctly one could land up looking really old. There is a specific bronze gel especially for the face. It is used to enhance the color and should be dabbed on after a moisturizer but before any powders. It will leave your skin with a warm color and will add a little shimmer as well.

The protective lockable suitcase is a must for tanning therapists. It is made of a strong quality material and is perfect to protect and transport your machine. There is space in there for your spray tan solutions and any disposables that you will be using.

To avoid getting orange hands while applying, try using latex gloves. They are not expensive and are readily available at most shops that sell medication. It is not always easy to use them as you cannot "feel" properly. When spreading over the skin always use a circular motion and try not to miss any spots. Work slowly and carefully. Do not spend too much time doing this if you are not using gloves. It might be a good idea to use a timer and every five minutes or so just give your hands a good wash, drying thoroughly. Don't forget to wash under and around your nails.

The 9% solution is used for all fair skin types and is a light tan. The 11 % is for a medium tan for medium tones and the 13% is used for the darker skin color. These are all made with no fragrance and are oil and alcohol free. Each one of them is enriched with vitamin E. All self tanners come with direction on how they are to be used, so always refer to this before you begin.

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