What You Need To Know About Loc Maintenance

By Daphne Bowen

Cleaning locs is something to be taken seriously. A number of people fail to wash the hair for many months claiming that doing so eliminates the hair nutrients. This is just a myth. In the real sense, you are just making more dirt accumulate and this causes the hair not to grow optimally. If it gets smelly, not many people will want to associate with you. Use two types of shampoos; clarifying and moisturizing shampoo. Co-washing is also acceptable though many people raise eyebrows on it in loc maintenance.

It is best to twist the locs before you dry these hairs after washing. This way, the effect does not wear off fast. Dry hair does not hold the locking for a considerable time. This means more expenses because it has to be done at higher frequencies.

It is important that you go through the ingredients in the hair care products before purchasing them. Avoid use of honey, pomade, grease, wax and butters which are home made. They weigh the locs down causing buildup and getting them off this hair is a difficult task. Go for products with water as the principle component. It is easier to remove them from the hair and they are absorbed well. The other concoctions are not easily absorbed.

You may think that tight twisting will hold the loc for long but actually you are causing more harm than good because it damages hair through thinning and breakages. Coiling at the base is a typical sign of overdoing the twisting. Ensure to lessen the tension. Alternating the way in which you twist is not recommended because the end results will not be super. Use palm rolling for better and neater locks. In addition, ensure you identify just one person for the process for good results.

Since most often twisting will be done on damp hair, it needs to be dried after the process has been completed. Using a dryer will produce better results and long-lasting effects compared to air drying. Another benefit of using the dryer is that the process takes a very short time. Air dying on the other hand can make give the hair foul smell and make mold develop on it.

Maintaining some level of moisture on the hair is important. At night, use a silk pillow case or cover your hair with scarf made form silk material. This is an effective technique to prevent breakage, maintain moisture and keep this hair in style. Additionally, it eliminates the tendency of fuzzy hair. Styling should be done loosely otherwise much tension on the edges will make it break. After re-twisting, style for it to last longer.

Eating a balanced diet may seem too insignificant in the maintenance of healthy locs but it is an important aspect. In addition, avoid touching your head all the time. Playing with the locs may cause them to thin because you twist them many times.

Dirt and lint are the two notorious things that have a tendency to buildup on the locs. For those who spend a lot time in dusty environments, covering the hairs is a must.

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