Ways For Preparing One's Skin Prior To Application Of A Sun Self Tanning Product

By Haywood Hunter

If looking for a way to have a very nice looking tan this summer without exposing the skin to the damage that can be caused by the UV rays, a Sun Self Tanning product may be the best choice. While Sun Self Tanning creates lotions and spray tans that use some of the best products on the market, it is important that an individual prepare the skin before using the kit. This will often make the difference between a natural looking tan and a streaky mess.

Avoid use of wax to remove unwanted hair the same day one will use Sun Self Tanning. These waxes leave coatings on the skin that do not allow the tan to develop as it should. If you have waxed already, it is important to wait at least 24 hours before applying the tanner product in order to get an even tan.

Exfoliation of each area where the Sun Self Tanning product is to be applied. If the product is applied to dead skin cells, when they slough off, the result will be an uneven tan. Use caution in choosing exfoliation products. Salt or sugar scrubs contain oils that remain on the skin. These oils will keep the skin from absorbing the tan. Proper exfoliation before application ensures the tan is long lasting.

Take time to shower with warm water and mild soap. Make sure the water temperature is neither too cold or too hot. Burning the skin with water causes the top layer of skin to die. Cold water can cause pores to close so the Sun Self Tanning product has a difficult time absorbing. Do not use a moisturizing body wash before using Sun Self Tanning, as it can make absorption of the product more difficult.

Shave the legs before applying the Sun Self Tanning product. While waxing is out, unwanted hair needs to be removed. Shaving also helps with exfoliation. Applying the tanner over hair will cause a blotchy tan. For men using the Sun Self Tanning kit a more natural result will be achieved if the chest and arms are shaved first.

It is important to ensure the body is completely dry before applying the Sun Self Tanning solution. Moisture can cause the product to slide off one's skin before it changes the color. While knees and elbows tend to over absorb the product and should be protected with a small amount of moisturizing lotion, the rest of the body should be dry. This will give the best results with the kit to tan the skin.

Protect the hands with disposable gloves when applying a Sun Self Tanning agent. This keeps them from absorbing too much of the product and ensures a more even and natural looking tan. Once the process using Sun Self Tanning for the body is complete, take off the gloves and apply to the hands

With proper preparation, Sun Self Tanning products offer a natural looking finish to the body. Read and follow all directions printed on the label. This ensures the tan received is looks natural and lasts the maximum amount of time before needing to be re-applied.

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