Using The Top Tan Lotion Will Prove To Be Very Clever

By Haywood Hunter

Now that the winter has left for sure, it is time to take out the summer clothes and bare the browned skin your tan lotion has provided for you. This is the time of the year when people like to be in the warm sun and sport the latest fashion trends. Something that most people do first and foremost is get a super dark tan using some sunless tanning lotions.

Many folks like to use a nice tan lotion and boast the summer fashions nowadays, considering the warmer season is upon them. They like using a tan lotion, wearing skimpy swim suits and daring fashions. The shorter the shorts the better, and for those with super tans the less straps the tops have the better they like it.

Fortunately nowadays, people are very aware of the dangers of the sun and use a tan lotion instead. This means that the day s of lying in the sun for hours to get a tan are long gone. The sun is simply too dangerous, posing threats of skin cancer and premature aging.

When it comes to getting a tan lotion, you would be well advised to go to your local tanning salon. These places are now offering the option of the air brush finish and the turbine tan. Both of these entail being sprayed with a super fine tanning mist. This spray is so fine that it sticks tot eh skin and causes it to be toned according to the tone you have chosen for the summer season.

Once you have had your first jump start tan lotion application, you will have to maintain it every week. This may be very expensive if you go to a salon every time and in order to save quite a sum of money you always have the option to do the tan lotion application at home. This is a very good idea and many people opt for this.

Should you be looking to maintain your salon tan, you would be well advised to pay a visit to the local beauty warehouse and get a tan lotion. Here you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right product and the preferred method of application. There will be a variety of tones to choose from and you would have to decide on how deep a tan you want to sport for the summer.

Once you have chosen the tone and method of application, you would do well reading the instructions on the tan lotion very carefully. These are usually on the back of the tan lotion bottle and you are cautioned to follow these religiously. Whether they advise you to exfoliate or not, remember that this is the trick to keeping your tan for a longer period of time.

Exfoliation is the method of removing the dry top layer of skin, for later use with the tan lotion. This means that the skin which will be covered with the tanning lotion will be new and will last for 5-7 days before it flakes off naturally. This means that one will only have to reapply the lotion every 8 days in order to maintain your great tan. Remember to wash your hands after application as the lotions tend to stain the skin. This is often difficult to remove and you may have to use the exfoliating scrub which you used initially.

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