Tips On Getting The Most Impressive Indoor Tan Using Sun Self Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

You can get a gorgeous bronzed complexion from sunbathing. However, in the future you may also require extensive treatment for skin cancer. Steer clear of this deadly disease by using Sun self tanning lotion as a substitute for dangerous sunbathing.

DHA-based Sun self tanning lotion is capable of copying the color of a fantastic suntan. Using this product works without requiring your skin to be exposed to dangerous UV radiation. Looking your best need not put your health at risk. Especially when Sun self tanning lotion is properly applied, no one will suspect that your complexion is something attained indoors.

Your skin has to undergo some simple preparations before it is applied with Sun self tanning lotion. Getting a tan without sunbathing is just like painting a wall. If you apply the paint to a wall that's rough, you won't end up with a terrific result. The skin has to be readied for the tanner if you want to enjoy a long-lasting fake suntan that looks natural.

Before you reach for that Sun self tanning lotion plastic bottle, exfoliate the skin first. Doing this gets rid of an uneven layer of dead cells sitting on your skin. Forget to do this very important task and you might find yourself sporting a fake suntan that looks blotchy all over. Exfoliate prior to the tanner's application to end up with a smooth golden brown complexion.

You also have to remove unwanted hair. If shaving is your preferred method, do it after exfoliating the skin. In case you like waxing better, remember to do it at least a day before using your Sun self tanning lotion. This ensures that no wax residue will keep DHA from being fully absorbed by your skin. With no unwanted hair around, color blotches are less likely to form.

Your knees and elbows may end up darker after DHA-based Sun self tanning lotion is through doing its job. Luckily, this can be prevented easily. All you have to do is rub on some of your everyday moisturizer on these parts before using the tanner.

Spread your Sun self tanning lotion on one area of the body at a time to ensure you don't miss any spot. Luckily, brown dye is present to help facilitate the application. Put on a pair of gloves (plastic or latex) to keep DHA from staining your palms. In case there are no gloves around, just see to it that you wash your hands as often as possible during the application.

Allow Sun self tanning lotion to be fully absorbed before getting dressed. For the next 6 to 8 hours, avoid showering or ending up sweaty. It's important to give DHA in the indoor tanner plenty of time to complete its designated task.

When the stunning result of using Sun self tanning lotion shows up, regularly apply your daily moisturizer. Doing so helps make the fake suntan stay longer than usual because it slows down the skin's sloughing off. The tanner's manufacturer offers a color extender that is formulated to hydrate the skin while at the same time making the tan last.

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