Things You Should Know Regarding The Best Self Tanner Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

There is nothing worse than applying a tanning lotion only to look orange and fake. This is why you need to be careful when buying these products. They could end up making you look like an idiot instead of making you look golden. To get that golden glow, you have to use the right products and especially if you have not been in the sun for ages. Here are some tips on getting the best self tanner lotion.

Even if there are millions of fake lotions and gels out there, there are genuine ones. After all, the stars in Hollywood grace the carpets in the best of tans. It is common knowledge that they cannot bake themselves in the sun to get such a tan. This is because it will bring them wrinkles, and they would not want that. You just have to look hard enough to get the right products.

The lotion should be able to make you feel comfortable the whole day so it must be light. Avoid products that make greasy messes on your skin and make you feel hot the whole day. It must stick well to the skin and make it look evenly colored. You are aiming for a better skin tone and not a slathered mess.

When you apply the tan, you should remember to apply to places that are hidden by your bathing suit. This is good especially when you are going to the beach, and your body will not look even. Get someone who can reach on your back since it will be hard for you to apply the tan evenly and in the right manner.

When choosing for the best tan, you should choose something that will look natural with your body. Some people will apply tans that are not matching with their skin color only to look funny. It is also good to look for something that is durable for some days without wearing off especially if you have outdoor activities like training sessions that require that you stay for long in the sun.

Another thing to remember when purchasing the lotions is the smell they have. Some have powerful smells that may scare people away when you go out with your friends in the sun. A good tan should smell nice, and the smell should not be too strong for you and the people around for you need to enjoy the weather outside without caring what it smells.

The product will also need to be non-greasy. The greasier it is, the more likely it is to make streaks when one gets into the sun. It is also likely to make you feel hot and uncomfortable all through the day. You do not have to get an authentic tan for a special occasion but if you have a fake one, people need to buy it.

To get the best product, you will probably have to test a lot of them. You must look at customer reviews of existing products. You can also find out what A-list stars use for their tan tricks when going for special occasions.

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