Things You Need To Do Before And After Using Your Favorite Suntan Lotion

By Haywodo Hunter

Indoor tanning allows you to sport a lovely and healthy glow that makes you look like you just spent several minutes baking under the sun. This is especially true if the fake suntan lotion used is the best of the bunch. Other than opting for one of the best-selling UV-free tanners on the market, it's very important to carry out certain things before and after its application.

Before you rub on the self tanner all over, see to it that you have clean skin. The active ingredient known as DHA can do its job better if its absorption is not hindered by dirt, grease and excess skin oils. Prior to reaching for that bottle of your favorite sunless tanner and applying its contents, see to it that you take a shower first in order to thoroughly clean your skin.

Remove excess dead skin cells by exfoliating. This is best done with a loofah or a scrub while you are in the shower. If you have the budget for an exfoliating body gel, purchase a bottle of it. This is usually offered by an indoor tanning product's maker. Because it is specifically formulated to be used just before getting a tan indoors, it leaves no greasy residue behind.

Shaving the skin helps keep a mottled effect at bay. This pre-indoor tanning procedure is best done right after taking a shower. Without removing those unwanted facial and body hair strands, the lotion you apply may only collect around them and cause those areas to end up darker. If you prefer waxing over shaving, make sure to have it done a day ahead.

Apply your favorite hand and body moisturizer on your knees and elbows beforehand. Doing so will save these areas from having a darker color than the rest as they tend to absorb more DHA due to their innate dryness. Especially if you don't plan on wearing latex gloves or you don't have the barrier cream, apply the moisturizer on your nails to save them from stains.

After you are done spreading the product all over, ensure that it remains on your skin for the next 6 to 8 hours. Naturally, this means that you have to steer clear of taking a shower just to remove that fishy smell that DHA tends to emit while it is doing its job. It's also important to avoid engaging in any physical activity that can cause you to sweat profusely.

Regularly apply your favorite hand and body moisturizer the moment your desired color shows up. Doing this helps in keeping the skin moisturized, thereby causing the natural process of exfoliation to slow down. By preventing it from happening too soon, the fake suntan generated by the tanning product of your choice may be enjoyed anywhere from 5 to 7 long days.

Once you see that the color is no longer as intense as before, exfoliate when you take a shower. This eliminates those unwanted dead skin cells that can leave the fake tan looking blotchy. Polishing the skin in the shower once again is a good idea most especially if you are planning on reapplying the UV-free tanner in order to revivify the golden brown color.

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