The Best Professional Airbrush Spray Tanning Equipment

By Haywood Hunter

Quality spray tanning equipment will give you great results when applying your favorite self-tan product in your bathroom. The best option is buying a practical little set that contains good quality self-tanner, exfoliating gel and a moisturizer, as well as small spray-applicator. You will basically get all you need in one little package, at affordable price.

Of course, if you have different needs, for example, if you want to start your own little business, maybe you should consider buying high quality spray tanning equipment. The use of sophisticated airbrush guns will provide the best results. Airbrush gun produces very fine mist of tiny droplets, ensuring perfect coverage on all areas.

Airbrush spray tanning equipment includes an airbrush gun, small air compressor and a booth or a pop up tent. Portable backdrop or a roll screen is easy to install on a folding stand, and takes up little space. It is easy to clean and because of its advantages also a convenient solution. There are different suitcases for easy and safe transport.

Most manufacturers offer wide variety of spray tanning equipment. Some spray tanning equipment is intended for home use only, but some are designed for professional use. You cannot expect to buy cheap professional, high quality products, but some are quite affordable. In any case, if you can afford to buy better products right now, you should consider buying them.

Make sure to check a warranty period. Average spray tanning equipment will work impeccably for two years or so, if you take a really good care of it. It means you should get at least two years warranty, if not more. Some manufacturers offer five years of warranty on their spray tanning equipment, and it could be the best option.

Small parts like needles and nozzles should be made of quality materials. Some types of spray tanning equipment have plastic made parts. Maybe it could be good enough for home use, but even then you should try to find better solutions. Medical grade stainless steel is the best option, thanks to its durability and easy maintenance.

Spray tanning equipment for starting a business should be of good quality, but you won't need too much to start with. A small compressor will be enough in the beginning, just make sure not to buy a noisy one. It could be difficult to work in these conditions. Besides, your future clients will appreciate quietly running machine. One airbrush gun will be enough if you plan to work alone.

Portable booths and screens are very practical. Pop-up tent is good enough for your bathroom, but it would be too impractical to use it for your clients. Screens and booths are easier to maintain, and you can easily carry them around. Air filters are quite important as well. After serving numerous clients, you won't be able to breath normally without one.

Good quality spray tanning equipment is essential for starting a successful business of this type. Even if you are a little short with money right now, consider buying better products. With more satisfied clients, you will have better chances to succeed. Buy yourself a nice, quiet compressor and an airbrush gun for now, and just one portable booth, and good luck.

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