Some Amazing Tips About Sun-Laboratories Products

By Haywood Hunter

Sun laboratories was established in 1983 as manufacturers of sunless tanning products. It is a family owned business and was originally named Giesee. Sun laboratories is located in Chatsworth, CA and all their products are manufactured and distributed from this location. Some of the products they produce are Air Brush Tanning, Tanning Lotions, Face Tanning Lotions and Bath and Body products.

Ultra violet rays is emitted by the sunlight and based on medical research, health related issues may develop if one is excessively exposed to the sun. However, it may be noted that vitamin D is produced by the body when in sunlight. A beautiful tan enhances one's self esteem and self confidence. Sun-laboratories provide a number of options that allow one to achieve this beautiful tan without having to being exposed to direct sunlight.

Exfoliation is the process where skin cells that are dead are removed from the body. This excersise is considered extremely important and is carried out before the tanning session takes place. It allows for a longer lasting tan. An individual requiring an immediate tan may achieve this by using Sun-laboratories Handy Tan Air Brush Tanning system. Persons who do not have the time to undergo lengthy tanning process may benefit from this system as it provides a quick and easy to use option. This Sun-laboratories product comes with the Handy Tan Air Brush Sprayer, Exfoliating Body Gel and Dark Sunless Tanning Lotion.

An instant deep tan is achieved when Self Tanning Bronzers is combined with Dark Tan Maximiser. This is Sun-laboratories Fire Maximiser Lotion. Ingredients include vegetable oil, walnut oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, tyrosine and tyrosilane C

Sun-laboratories Fire Maximising Gel is design to help individuals darken an existing tan and can be safely used in Tanning Booths. This product is formulated by using Self Tanning Bronzers and Dark Tan Maximisers. The usage of tyrosilane-C, tyrosine, walnut oil and ultrasomes are maximise by this Sun-laboratories product.

The benefits that are derived from the use of this product is said to be immense. The appearance of youthfulness and a smooth skin may be evident with the use of Sun-laboratories Strictly Face Medium Self Tanning Cream. This gel with its natural ingredients is known for its hydrating benefits.

Having a tan that last for an extended period is the utmost desire of tanners. Soothing and Sensual Cleansing Gel is a Sun-laboratories product that may assist in this regard. The ingredients in this product are all natural. One may experience the effectiveness of this product when it is used before Giesee Sun Lab Self Tanner. Getting rid of impurities from the skin may also be enhanced with the use of Cleansing gel.

Taking good care of one's health demands a high level of consideration. Therefore, whenever the decision is made to do sunless tanning, it is extremely important that professional advice is obtained prior to this undertaking. A beautiful tan may increase an individual's self awareness. Consideration may be given to Sun-laboratories whenever one decide to do sunless tanning

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