Several Tips For Applying Sunlabs Self Tanner On The Skin With Great Results

By Haywood Hunter

For those who are ready to use a Sunlabs self tanner to darken their skin, it is important to learn a few strategies before beginning. There are a lot of different formulas that a person can use for this process. Some of these are create to create a far darker skin tone than others. Because of this, it is generally best to begin by selecting solutions that will help you to get the benefits you are seeking.

One of the most important things to do before applying a Sunlabs self tanner is to properly clean the skin. You should always take a shower or bath before attempting to apply a topical lotion of this type. This is also true if you will be losing a spray.

It is also necessary to shave off any unwanted hair in the areas that you are going to coat with Sunlabs self tanner before the application process is started. The final results can be affected considerably by excess hair. Sometimes this causes the skin to look spotty and uneven. After you have shaved and finished your bath or show, you should dry the dermis carefully before the Sunlabs self tanner is put on. Wet skin can sometimes cause streaks to develop.

It is never a good idea to wax the skin directly before putting a Sunlabs self tanner on. Waxing is much more harsh on the skin's surface. You should let your dermis rest at least one full day before starting to apply any tanning solution. Otherwise, waxing is as good a hair removal technique as any other.

It is also necessary to exfoliate away dead, dry skin if you want to get the best possible benefits from your Sunlabs self tanner. Dry skin can have a very damaging effect on the end result and this may start to peel off after the treatment is finished. You can do this with your body bouf, a washcloth or a special body brush.

After finishing up with these tasks, it is just about time to start slathering on the Sunlabs self tanner you have bought. This process will take time and you should be sure to have enough of it. The process will require you to have a private space for one hour. This is largely because it is not possible to get dress until the Sunlabs self tanner has fully dried in place. Getting dressed can cause the solution to get rubbed away and will ruin the final effects.

Not only is it important to have plenty of time to let your Sunlabs self tanner dry, but you also want to make certain that you can stand up during this time. Sitting down on a bed cover or a couch will cause any wet products to get rubbed off. These may even stain the furniture that you sit down on.

You must remember that you cannot get dressed at all until the Sunlabs self tanner is finished drying. You can, however, walk and move around a bit at this time, as this will facilitate quicker drying. If you are careful to adhere to these directives, you can get an evenly bronzed look without harmful exposure to the rays of the sun.

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