Prime Information Regarding The Sun Tan

By Haywood Hunter

A sun tan, which may also be referred to as simply tan, involves the temporary darkening or tanning of human skin. This is possible through an assortment of methods. Some of the techniques include direct exposure to UV radiation, which may come naturally through sunlight or artificially through tanning booths. There are many sunless tanning products available for use too.

In general, health officials warn against doing this to the skin. Exposure to UV rays is particularly frowned upon. It is ok, and recommended, for people to have casual exposure to the sun and its rays for the purpose of getting natural Vitamin D. Still, artificial lights and sun bathing on a frequent basis is not good for the body. These behaviors have been linked to an increased rate of health issues, including melanoma.

There are some who burn or sun tan easier than other people. Typically it depends on the color and type of skin one has. It might also be relative to their overall genetic makeup. People who do not want to burn in the sun may put on sunscreen as a protective layer on areas that are exposed. There are also many who apply special products and oils that are designed to deepen or accelerate sun tans.

Those who have light or pale skin tend to burn often and sometimes successfully sun tan. Those who have light and dark intermediate skin rarely burn and usually sun tan. Those with dark, brown or even black skin do not sunburn and can sometimes darken although their tone is already naturally dark.

Sun tan lines may be caused by wearing clothes during the process. These sun tan lines are generally regarded as embarrassing, unfavorable and unappealing. The goal is usually to get an all-over tan that is even. To do this, an individual may wear no clothes or very little during the process. When it comes to sunless products, sun tan lines are not usually a problem.

Sunless tanning is done to avoid exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is also beneficial during seasons when the sun is not out or is less powerful. These products come in many different forms, including sprays, gels, makeup, pills, and creams and lotions. This type of method is overall considered safer than traditional techniques for getting a sun tan, such as tan booths and sun bathing. However, there are numerous chemicals in these products.

Regardless of the method used during the process, the sun tan itself is temporary. The duration of these may depend on the product used, the method or the person. Sun tans usually fade as the old skin peels away and a new layer is revealed. Those created from sunless products may work in the same way, as they do not typically wash off with water.

People interested in darkening their tone of skin for a temporary period of time might go about getting a sun tan. This can be achieved via numerous products and techniques. Traditional methods, including tan booths and sun bathing, require direct exposure to ultraviolet rays. Sunless products provide the same results with less risk. Color and type of skin can effect the duration, quality and evenness of the sun tan.

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