Ordering The Sun Labs Tanning Kit For A Dazzling Indoor Suntan

By Haywood Hunter

Sun Labs Tanning Kit allows you to obtain an indoor suntan which looks so real and lasts for several days. It has all the essentials for an amazing complexion. With the Sun Labs Tanning Kit, looking wonderful does not jeopardize the health.

When you purchase Sun Labs Tanning Kit, you are getting 3 different products at once. All of them work together to give you an impressive sun-kissed radiance. To make that happen, you don't have to be exposed to excessive solar radiation. Each time you want to be a complete standout, you simply have to reach for the bottles Sun Labs Tanning Kit includes.

The ultra dark tanner can be regarded as the star of this Sun Labs Tanning Kit. It comes in the form of lotion so you won't have a headache applying it. A tanner is used just like your everyday hand and body moisturizing product. As soon as the ultra dark tanner is rubbed on, instant skin darkening happens. The color will further intensify after approximately 3 hours.

DHA makes the ultra dark tanner included with Sun Labs Tanning Kit work excellently. This sugar-based chemical causes the skin's uppermost layer to assume a deep brown color once it interacts with proteins in dead cells. The resulting color is similar to a real suntan. Because there's no need for UV light exposure, you don't have to worry about things like skin cancer and premature aging signs. DHA is very gentle, making the tanner also suited for facial use.

Preparing the skin for the tanner's application is necessary. It's exactly for this reason why your Sun Labs Tanning Kit also comes with an exfoliating gel. This is something used while taking a shower to get rid of too much dead skin cells. Spreading the DHA-based tanner on a smooth surface lets you end up with an indoor suntan that doesn't look fake.

Using the exfoliating gel included in this Sun Labs Tanning Kit also helps remove anything that can keep DHA from completing its job. Too much body oil can keep an ultra dark tanner from being fully absorbed by the skin, and exfoliating helps get rid of it. The use of an exfoliating gel also eliminates residual chemicals from the everyday cosmetics you apply.

After a few days, the color produced by the tanner fades, just like what happens to a real suntan. It's a good thing that Sun Labs Tanning Kit comes with a tan maintainer. The contents of the bottle may be used as frequently as you like. It is formulated to make that dazzling sun-kissed glow effect last longer so you may skip rubbing on the tanner very often.

This tan maintainer included with Sun Labs Tanning Kit provides the skin with sufficient moisture. It helps in delaying the natural replacement of the topmost epidermal layer. Other than allowing you to sport a terrific olive complexion for a longer period of time, a tan maintainer is formulated to make your skin stay soft and supple as it keeps the cells hydrated.

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