Ordering The Best Sunless Tan Is Actually Quite Clever

By Haywood Hunter

Summer time is on the way and everyone wants to look super tanned, with their nice sunless tan. These days sunless tanning is the way to go. Being gloriously tanned makes you feel slim and sexy. It gives you the confidence to wear the skimpy trends that have hit the catwalks.

Winter time is when you keep as covered up and warm as possible, but when the summer comes you shed those layers and wear as little as possible. This is the season to sport a sunless tan and strapless tops with ultra short shorts. In order to boast the newest fashions it is great to have a super tan. Glowing bodies give you the confidence to wear the latest trends. Being tanned makes you feel slim and sexy.

When it comes to being tanned it is no longer necessary to spend hours in the blazing hot sun for a tanned look, you can use a sunless tan. Besides, the sun is far too dangerous nowadays and one should steer as far away from it as possible. It is responsible for skin cancer and premature aging which is something no one wants. The fine wrinkles caused by overexposure are no longer a threat as most folk opt for the sunless tanning methods to obtain their stunning good looks.

Getting a sunless tan is very popular and in order to get one you would have to visit your nearest tanning salon. These places offer the option of air brush tans as well as turbine sprays. Both of these are methods by which an ultra fine mist of sunless tan is sprayed onto the skin leaving it with a dark deep tone.

After your first session it will be easy enough to keep up the appearance by doing some home tanning with sunless tan lotions. When it comes to getting the tan at the salon you will be able to choose between the air brush look or the turbine spray. Both methods use sprays which are applied to the skin. The spray is super fine and sticks to the skin giving the glowing tanned look.

To do such sunless tan top ups, you would have to purchase some of the lotion. These are available at the various beauty warehouses in the city and there are many to choose from. You have the option of the sprays, mousses, gels and lotions. It all depends on your personal preference as to which sunless tan you use.

All you need to do is read the instructions on the sunless tan bottle carefully. Remember to exfoliate in the shower before the application of these lotions. Exfoliation is necessary in order to get rid of the dry top layer of skin. Once you have exfoliated, the new skin will be exposed on which you can apply the tanning lotion.

A proper sunless tan can be a little tricky to apply for the first couple of times. But once you have done it a few times you will soon master the method and you will soon be sporting a sunless tan as good as the salons. All you need to do religiously is follow the instructions on the bottle.

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