Obtaining A Good Spray Tan Offers Many Benefits

By Haywood Hunter

For many people, a nice spray tan is a status symbol. They like the way a great spray tan makes them feel. It gives them confidence to wear the latest skimpy trends on the beach and they feel healthy and sexy.

Gone are the days where these people spend hours in the blazing sun for their all over tans, when they use a spray tan. The sun is now too damaging for the skin as it causes cancer and premature aging, not to mention that it induces wrinkles. For all these dynamic tanners there is now only one solution- a spray tan.

Nowadays, they are heading off to the sun tanning salons for professional spray tan services. Such salons are offering these stunning tans for those willing to spend a little for that glorious look. These salons are becoming very popular and all you have to do is book an appointment for your summer spray tan, so that you can make sure the summer does not fly by and find you missing out on all the fun.

Salons now offer the very popular air brush spray tan. This is done by a professional spray artist. Such people are highly trained to do this type of job and therefore, this particular techniques is quite costly. One stands for this spray tan, while the artist sprays your body, by using different nozzles for the different effects. The result is a perfect all over spray tan.

When you opt for a spray tan using the air brush technique, a professional artist will spray you with a very fine mist of tanning lotion. One is required to wear a bikini, for as much skin coverage as possible. This type of spray tan will give you a definite golden glow.

A spray tan procedure can take up to 30 minutes for the first treatment and then after that, the top up spray tan sessions last for about 20 minutes each. Sometimes, these can end up costing quite a bit as the tans generally only last for up to 5 days before flaking off naturally. One could always maintain a tan for a little longer by moisturizing the skin regularly so that the skin does not flake off as soon.

There is of, course the other option of the sun bed. Here one lies on a bed surrounded by Ultra Violet globes. These emit the same UV rays as the sun, but are not as damaging to the skin as it is. One will have to lie under these globes regularly to maintain your look, however, a spray tan will do this faster. There is, of course, no spraying involved in UV tanning.

For those many people who prefer to tan at home there are other options available. There are now many products on the market that will provide just as glamorous tans. One simply needs to decide on the tone you want for the summer and purchase a product from the store. Remember when choosing your tone, to be realistic and not go for a dark one that will make it obvious that you have a fake tan. One should try to keep your spray tan as natural looking as possible. This is easily done by sticking with the lighter tones for the beginning and then going darker as your skill in applying the lotion evolves.

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