Information How To Perform An Airbrush Suntan

By Haywood Hunter

It is now possible to obtain a stunting look of your skin within minutes. With airbrush suntan, there is absolutely no worry about the dangers of exposing the skin to the sun when it comes to tanning. From right within your house, you can achieve the golden look of your skin by carrying out simple brushing steps.

As you prepare for the airbrushing process, shower so as to clean up yourself from any dirt. Oils and toxins which accumulate on the skin throughout the day could be a hindrance in the process. This is because tanning works perfect on a cleaner and smooth skin.

You ought not to apply any lotion after showering if you are looking towards achieving the best results. The airbrush liquid may end up not sticking if the skin has some elements of lotion or oil. Drying up the skin thoroughly could help instead.

The first thing to do is to get off any heavy clothing and remain with loose garment that does not cover a large skin surface. This is vital as it will help you in getting a complete tan coverage. Even the drying process will be faster if you wear loose clothing.

The initial layer should start from the foot as you work upwards to the knee. Addition of another layer can be effected after the first one dries up. However, this decision can be reached at if the depth of the shade is not good enough.

The thighs are then handled immediately after the feet, before eventually tanning the entire upper body. The forearm and the elbow should however get more attention to avoid creasing of the tan. By this, a light pressure can be put in place as you mist the front elbow area as well as the back end.

The neck and shoulders are the next to be tanned after the elbows. However, when it reaches the back, it would be proper if you engage a friend to help you finish up the process. The aim is to obtain evenly tanning as you may not be able to reach the further edges of your back.

Avoiding skin contact is necessary and that is why your legs and arms should be apart for a while. Another reason is to let the skin avoid contact until proper drying is achieved. A blow dryer could be a better option in attempting to fasten the drying process.

The tan can be kept fresh after it dries, through using a moisturizer. Light soap wash is also recommended and can help in keeping the tan stay longer. The top layer of your skin is where the tan is saturated hence; any skin exfoliation should be avoided.

Applying a tan extender cream is another important part of airbrush sun tan as it helps the tan to stay for a longer time. Alcoholic application should however be avoided because it can result to un-planned removal of the tan due to its effect on the skin. With proper care, you can take up to two or three weeks before another re application.

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