Information Concerning Dark Self Tanner Products

By Haywood Hunter

Dark Self Tanner products are manufactured to make your skin look darker and to give it the allure of a person who has been sunbathing in the sand. Everyone however has varied anticipations when it comes to dark self tanner products. But the goal is always the same, to make the skin look darker. Advertisements on television show the perfect image of people who have used the products and come out looking just the way we would like to look if we used the product.

There is nothing that could be as disappointing as picking and using your favorite dark self tanner only to end up with a skin that looks orange and artificial. People would shout you down as phony. Your self-esteem will take a nose-dive, and you will have wasted a good deal of money buying a product that does not serve you wholly.

However, with the correct research, self-tanners are now being manufactured to produce a tan that is as natural-looking as it can ever get. The reason why many skin tanners turn your skin orange rather than that tangy brownish tan color has to do mostly with the ingredients used to manufacture the product. Dihydroxyacetone, which is the main ingredient used to give the skin its tanned color in many dark self tanner products when used excessively turns the skin orange.

If a dark self tanner product is not carefully applied, the results could be an orange skin as well. There could also be problems with an uneven skin color, with streaks of white or darker discolorations. The directions on the product must be strictly followed, and it is a good idea to cover your hands during the application as well.

The color base of many dark self tanner products will also determine the success of your tanning mission. Most products now come with a green-based tint which is the most recommended for all skin tones. This is largely because almost everyone has a red undertone in their skin. When coupled with the green tint, this helps to strike a homogenous and natural look.

In the past, the dark self tanner products had a very strong scent, which was not very nice. Some people stopped using the products because of their unpleasant smell. The odor is also caused by Dihydroxyacetone, but the latest products have been developed to mask this ingredient's scent quite well.

Other people like a product, such as Dark Self Tanner, that will not reveal the intricacies of what they have been through to achieve their perfect tan. They therefore prefer products that have certain fragrances on them. Some fragrance may actually accentuate the scent while others may react violently with your skin, but Dark Self Tanner has positive effects.

There are other minor challenges that people who use dark self tanner products face. The ones discussed here are just but a few of those. Challenges may vary according to an individual's skin composition. Researching for the best product wills suit your skin will go a long way in eliminating some of these woes.

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