Important Steps You Should Do Prior To Using A Self Tanner

By Haywood Hunter

The application of an indoor tanner is a safe and highly effective way to darken the complexion. You may choose from the lotion, gel, cream or spray type. No matter the form, it's for certain that the product relies on DHA as its active ingredient. Certain steps need to be conducted just before you apply the self tanner of your liking in order to get excellent results.

Clean the skin thoroughly by taking a shower. To ensure that nothing can keep DHA from being absorbed and doing its job, make sure to get rid of those unwanted dirt and body oils. Skin that's fresh from the shower allows you to enjoy a smoother tan afterwards. Otherwise, areas with unwanted grime may end up with a lighter brown shade than the rest of your body.

Exfoliate to remove too much dead skin cells. DHA works by darkening dead cells sitting on the topmost layer of your skin. It's very important for this surface to be smooth and even so that the indoor tanning product of your choice could produce a uniform fake tan. Using either a loofah or an exfoliating gel designed for application before getting a tan indoor may be done.

Shaving is another step that needs to be done just before getting a tan inside the home. Ensure that there are no unwanted body hairs present most especially on areas where you intend to apply the sunless tanning product of your liking. If you don't get rid of those excess hairs, DHA may only collect around them and cause a blotchy effect.

If your preferred hair removal method is waxing, it's a good idea to have it done at least a day before having an indoor tan. This helps ensure that there are no more waxy substance left that could keep DHA from working completely. Also, allowing at least 24 hours to pass allows any form of skin irritation to heal.

See to it that you are completely dry all over before you begin the indoor tanning task. Water can dilute the lotion, gel, cream or spray, causing a less desirable fake tan. Certainly, it can be very exciting to get started with your sunless tanning. However, see to it that you towel down thoroughly to ensure that no excess skin moisture will get in the way.

Do not apply any of the cosmetic products you use daily. It's true that DHA present in indoor tanners emit a fishy odor while it is springing into action. This is perfectly normal and soon disappears once the active ingredient has developed. It isn't recommendable to apply cologne or any other product just to mask the characteristic odor given off by DHA.

The only cosmetic product you may apply beforehand is your favorite moisturizing lotion. Take note that it should only be used on dryer areas of the body such as the ankles, knees and elbows. Due to the dryness of these parts, they tend to absorb more DHA and end up darker than the rest. Applying moisturizing lotion in these areas weakens DHA's effect.

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