Important Facts Regarding Tummy Tuck Northwest Indiana Clients Will Find Useful

By Della Monroe

While exercising regularly and adopting a proper diet have been touted as some effective methods of losing body fat in Merrillville, the time required for significant results to be exhibited may be too long. There has been a need in recent years for options that show their result much faster. The surgical technique, tummy tuck is currently one of the most preferred. There are several facts on tummy tuck northwest Indiana clients may need to know.

There are two main benefits that are related to this operation. They include an improvement in the physical appearance and the reduction in the risk of suffering from a number of medical conditions such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. The people that are likely to benefit include those that are obese or overweight. It has also been shown to be beneficial in women that have lost a lot of weight in a few weeks and have as a result lots of loose tissues.

During the operation, you will be put under general anaesthesia. A surgical incision is made in the area of interest, the fat is liquefied and removed through suctioning. This process leaves only the fascia and the muscles which are then stitched back together. There is a resultant firmness that is many times more robust than the initial. There are a number of techniques that can be used to achieve this. We will look at a few of them briefly.

The technique to be used is dependent on a number of factors. These will typically include the extent of the surgery, the severity of your problem and the skill of your surgeon. One of the most common techniques that are used is called complete abdominoplasty. In this type, two incisions are created in the lower abdomen; one around the navel and the other between pubic region and the thighs.

Partial abdominoplasty is the other technique that is used by many surgeons. This surgery is similar to complete abdominoplasty but only one incision is required. The amount of fat that is removed is also less. Once the fat has been removed, transition zones have to be smoothened out using a procedure termed liposuction. Other techniques include circumferential and extended abdominoplasty.

There are a number of complications that may result from this operation. They include excessive bleeding, venous thromboembolism and postoperative infections. Some of these infections are potentially fatal and require timely interventions. You will be put on a course of antibiotics for between seven and ten days as prophylaxis against the infections.

To recover from the effects of the operation, you need between one week and one month. You may still take part in your daily routines but ensure that you stay away from physical activities that are strenuous at least for the first few months. There may be a bit of pain around the surgical site in the first few days but this will wear off over time.

It should be understood that the results are variable between patients. The difference occurs as a result of many factors such as surgical skill and technique used. A number of people have to undergo successive operations before optimal results are realised. The general advice is that one should institute lifestyle changes that will help with maintaining the weight after the operation.

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