How To Get Free Tanning Lotion Samples Sent By Mail

By Haywood Hunter

People who want to learn more about darkening their skin at home can search the web for free tanning lotion samples. These are trial sized amounts of products that people can apply on their own. Shoppers can find these by visiting the websites of well-known companies that manufacturer tanners.

Free tanning lotion samples give people a chance to learn more about how different formulas perform. This makes it unnecessary to risk real cash on good that might not do well for certain skin types. It also makes it possible to try several different options in order to determine which one is most effective. Because of this, free tanning lotion samples are a great way to limit your spending while looking for product that does exactly what you want it to.

There are a few things that people should know before trying free tanning lotion samples out. Most important among these is how these products must be applied in order to get great benefits. For instance, it is important for the skin surface to be clean and relatively free of hair prior to putting free tanning lotion samples on the skin. Exfoliating the surface of the skin is recommended as well, even if you are only using free tanning samples.

It is also helpful to know what your free tanning lotion samples include before using them. In order to learn more about this, you can check the site of the product manufacturer in order to read ingredients lists. These detail both the active and inactive ingredients in every product. Reviewing these lists can help you to steer clear of formulas that contain ingredients which might irritate your skin.

It is best to test free tanning lotion samples on a hidden area of skin before you try to apply it to your whole body. These are some products that are given away at no cost that are just not large enough for a full-treatment. If this happens to be the case, you can use a trial size on a limited amount of skin so that there are no embarrassing patches in visible areas. This is also a great strategy for determining if a product causes skin irritation, especially if you happen to have very sensitive skin.

Some of the best free tanning lotion samples also include small packets of tan removal products. You do not have to keep your skin looking bronzed all of the time. Removal solutions make it easy to wipe most self-tanners back off in just a matter of minutes.

You must pay careful attention to the application instructions when using free tanning lotion samples to darken your skin. Using these products is a great way to learn more about the application process before engaging in a full on effort to tan all of your skin. Using gloves will keep the palms of your hands from being darkened. You can buy a low cost pair at the beauty supply store or at a drug store.

Just a few days or weeks after you request them, your free tanning lotion samples should come in the mail. You may even get a few coupon offers right along with them. Coupons can be used when you choose to purchase a tanner of your own.

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