How The Tanning Spray Delivers An Alternative To Suntanning

By Haywood Hunter

Artificial tans are widely used by people from all parts of the world. The products that give fake tans, such as tanning spray formulas, can be purchased to use in one's own capacity, or can be applied at professional salons. With a bit of practice, applying the product at home can be successfully done, however, many opt to rather let a skilled person do it for them. Tanning spray booths at a salon almost always achieve perfect results.

Due to worries of skin diseases such as skin cancer, people are no longer very keen to tan in the sun for hours, or to use suntan beds that use artificial sun rays. Both the sun and the suntan beds produce Ultraviolet rays that are damaging to skin. With many high quality products on the market today, there is no need to expose your skin to harmful UV rays, as tanning spray products enable a tan that is just as good as those that can be attained by the sun or a sunbed. They do not streak or look unnatural.

In general, all salons use the same technique for applying the tanning spray. The actual products are similar too. You just need to choose a salon that is close to your area, and one that you find has friendly and helpful staff members. Tanning spray booths are popular, as the self-tan product is simply sprayed onto the body.

You will feel as if you are in a shower when the tanning spray is being applied. It will come out of a similar nozzle, and will be used in a way that produces varying degrees of tan colors. Before you begin, you will need to specify the type of tan you would like. You can have a light tan, or you can choose a darker tan.

Ask questions before you start the tanning spray procedure, as you will need to enter alone. Salon staff members are usually quite willing to explain the whole procedure, and put any of your fears to rest. They will let you know exactly what you should do, and how the tan will be applied.

In order to achieve a good tan, you must clean your skin before the tanning spray procedure begins. Not at the salon, but at least within a short time of going to the salon. You may need more than just a normal wash in the bath or shower, because exfoliation of the skin is recommended to remove dead skin cells. Once clean, apply a good moisturizer because self-tan products work well when the skin is slightly 'stickier'.

Most people want a tan that covers their whole body, and salons can easily provide this service with their tanning spray methods. Do not wear clothing when the product is applied, as they will only be ruined, and will prevent areas of the body from being sprayed. Gloves can be worn, as they will prevent the palms of your hands from going orange after the application of the tanning spray.

Stand still in the tanning spray, allowing it to fall on all parts of your body. It will quickly absorb and dry, but the excess can be toweled off. Getting a tan from a professional salon is the quickest and safest way of achieving a naturally tanned look.

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