Get The Ideal Tanned Spray Tan Outlook That Numerous Sea Side Photos Show

By Haywood Hunter

With the sun being so hazardous to our health nowadays, people are opting to stay out of it as much as possible and going for spray tan instead. The damage it can cause such as skin cancer and premature aging has made it very unpopular, but people still dream of the tan that they could have. Everyone wants to look healthy and sexy nowadays and it goes without saying that a rich glowing spray tan makes you look just right.

Nowadays if you are looking for a great spray tan, you simply need to make some wise choices. There are many of these spray tan products available for you to choose from Sunless tanning products are very popular and all you have to do is decide on how dark you want to go and how to go about getting there.

One will find many salons offering spray tan services and you can choose to have it done in a salon by air brush or mist spray or you can choose to do it at home in the privacy of your space by applying lotion or spraying it on. You can also get a spray tan in a mousse or gel form. The application method is your choice. It is advised that if you are going to use the spry method at home that you get someone to get those hard to reach places.

One is advised to go out and get ready for your tanning session if you are getting a spray tan at home. You need to decide on which spray tan you will use. One has the option of the gel, the spray, the mousse, or the lotion. The choice is yours and most times the spray is preferred as it seems easier to get everywhere and it also does not go on your hands which can be a problem with the lotions.

When you get out of the shower be sure to get as dry as possible before you apply the spray tan. This is an easy way to get it done but you will most likely need someone to help you spray the hard to reach places. Also, with the spray tan, you will not have to keep washing your hands, as you would have to with the application of the lotion.

A very good idea when it comes to applying your spray tan is to do this before you go to sleep at night. Many of the sprays are colorless and will not come off on the sheets of your bed. Usually the spray takes up to 6 hours to activate with the skin so by going to sleep you are using your time wisely.

It is advised that you do this tanning before you go to sleep at night. The spray can take up to 6 hours to activate so it will be working on your tan as you sleep. When you wake up the next morning you will have a super tan. Most sprays are colorless so your sheets should not be colored from the spray but if they are be informed that they come clean in a single wash.

Should you want to maintain your spray tan for up to 5 days, you are advised to keep your skin properly moisturized. If your top layer of skin is moisturized, the material will not come off so quickly which means that your tan will last a little longer. One will need to re-apply this spray every 4-5 days to maintain a beautiful tan all year round.

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