Finding The Best Sun Tanning Cream

By Haywood Hunter

The first thing a good sun tanning cream should do for you is to provide natural looking, radiant summer glow that will last for a while. You have to be able to choose your own shade, depending on your desires and your natural complexion. Of course, it has to contain good quality ingredients and to keep your skin smooth, elastic and well-hydrated. It shouldn't be greasy and it has to dry fast.

Among all those sunless-tanning products available today, it is hard to choose the right sun tanning cream, the one that will meet all your demands. Most manufacturers claim their products are the best you can find, and it's hard to tell whom to trust. Some of them have proved to be reliable, and you can always choose the easiest way, and buy their products.

Read reviews. Sometimes it is the best way for finding something more about different products. If so many people are satisfied with one particular sun tanning cream, it has to be good. You will find different sites dealing with this theme, and it is always wise to get a second opinion. Maybe you can learn some things that might be helpful.

Many people are using sunless tans for years, and they are certainly highly experienced. You probably know some of those people, and you should consider their opinion as well. It's good to take advantage of other people's mistakes instead of doing your own. Their experiences might help you choose the best sun tanning cream.

Remember that people can have different skin types, and some of them require different approach. Sensitive, very dry skin needs very mild sun tanning cream, deeply hydrating and gentle. Darker complexion tan easily, and you cannot get exactly the same shade if your skin is pale. Avoid making drastic changes overnight. It is better to gain your color step by step.

Good quality ingredients are essential. Most sunless tan products contain DHA. This sugar-based component creates golden brown shade when reacting with amino acids in your skin. DHA is FDA approved and perfectly harmless, but you should pay your attention to other ingredients as well. Different chemicals and additives might not be so harmless.

Good sun tanning cream should be based on natural ingredients. It's especially important if you have skin prone to allergic reactions. If some product contains dangerous chemicals or allergens, you shouldn't use it. Organic sun tanning cream is very mild and can be used for all skin types. It is based on pure natural substances and takes care of your skin.

A good sun tanning cream contains a moisturizer, to keep your skin hydrated and soft. Some fake tan lotions smell terribly. The worst problem associated with DHA is that terrible smell occurs as a result of this bronzing process. Some manufacturers mask this smell with different fragrances, but it is still there. Using pure essential oils in sunless tan formula has far better results.

When using your sun tanning cream, make sure to read the instructions carefully. Good exfoliation is especially important. It will smooth up the skin and prepare it for applying your sun tanning cream. Use a good moisturizer daily, and remember to apply sunscreen products.

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