Essential Fake Tanning Solutions Included In Sun Laboratories Dark Sun Set

By Haywood Hunter

Getting a fake tan does not begin and end with the application of a self tanning lotion. There are other things to be done to make the color look realistic and last long. Sun Laboratories Dark Sun Set lets you get your hands on all the essentials.

Your order contains three different bottles, each one an important role player in the attainment of a bronzed complexion that can impress. It can be quite challenging for someone who is relatively new to the world of tanning indoors to find out which products work best together. By getting all the essentials bundled together, there is no guesswork necessary.

The set consists of the exfoliating gel, self tanning lotion and hydrating color extender. Availing of a package deal is definitely a time-saver. You can start experiencing what it's like to sport a realistic fake tan as soon as the goods reach your doorstep.

Although all of the inclusions in the set are vital for the attainment of a bronzed complexion that closely resembles the real thing, still the pride and joy of the package is the tanner. Its special formulation gives the skin the deepest golden brown hue possible. The secret to the tanning lotion's efficacy is DHA, a plant-based chemical approved by the FDA for topical use.

When applied, DHA in the tanner reacts with amino acids present in dead skin cells. This results in a gradual change in complexion. It's important to note that melanin, a dark skin pigment, is not involved in any way throughout fake tanning process.

The early telltale signs that DHA is working shows up after about three hours. There's no need to wait that long just to be pleased with indoor tanning. The self tanner also has brown dyes that stain the skin right away. These ingredients also double as your guide during the application. Thanks to added brown dyes, it becomes easier to prevent color blotches.

DHA has to be applied onto an even layer of dead skin cells for best results. It's for this reason why the indoor tanning set includes a bottle of exfoliating gel. The product has to be used just before the tanner is applied. The topmost layer of your skin is polished during the process, making sure that DHA in the tanning lotion has a smooth surface to darken.

Going back to the active ingredient called DHA, this chemical will continue to work for 24 to 72 hours after the application to produce the richest brown tone. The sun-kissed color stays around for 7 to 10 days. It will gradually fade just like a real tan. This is an inevitable part of indoor tanning because the layer of dead skin cells is replaced regularly.

The Sun Laboratories Dark Sun Set also includes the hydrating color extender. The product's name makes it obvious what role it plays. It has to be liberally applied as often as necessary after the self tanner has produced your desired color. It moisturizes the skin in order to delay the replacement of its topmost layer that DHA has given a rich golden brown hue.

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