DHA In Sun Spray Tanning Solution Causes Safe Skin Darkening

By Haywood Hunter

Having an airbrush kit at home lets you obtain a sun-kissed glow no matter the season or weather. If you are thinking of getting such device, you have to take note that you also need to purchase sun spray tanning solution for it. When delivered in the form of fine mist, the liquid product can produce an even coverage. This lets you sport a natural looking tan.

Coming in liquid form, the sun spray tanning solution darkens your skin's topmost layer 3 to 5 hours after the initial application. What makes it work is a chemical called dihydroxyacetone or DHA. It is the same active ingredient used by many other topically applied products that are specially formulated to tan the skin, such as lotion, creams and gels.

DHA found in sun spray tanning solution is plant-based so you know it's safe for skin application. It was back in the 70s that the chemical was first approved by the FDA for topical use. DHA reacts with protein in dead skin cells, and it's due to this why skin exfoliation with the right product is recommended before being sprayed with a sun spray tanning solution.

You have to wait for a few hours before the initial effect of DHA to become evident. It's for such reason why it isn't unusual for a sun spray tanning solution to have bronzers. These added ingredients leave a stain right after the liquid product hits the skin. To keep your clothes from ending up discolored, allow the skin to dry completely before putting them back on.

Other than for seeing instant results, bronzers in sun spray tanning solution allow for ease of application. You will be able to easily tell where the application has already been done so you don't do additional coatings that can leave ugly blotches. This lets you attain a more even tone, making everyone think that you got your dazzling complexion at the beach.

You have to let 24-72 hours to pass for the sun spray tanning solution to give you the darkest skin tone possible. You may choose from different shades available, ranging from very dark to light. There are also various scents around so you may find the whole experience a pleasing one. DHA is so mild that it may be used on the face. In fact, some products are added with moisturizing ingredients as well as vitamins to provide skin nourishment.

It's important to use the sun spray tanning solution together with an airbrush kit. By delivering sun spray tanning solution in the form of a mist, it becomes easier to come up with a fake tan that looks so natural. It is for this very reason why many people prefer getting sprayed instead of using other products that are topically applied.

When shopping for a sun spray tanning solution, it's a good idea to seek the personal recommendations of friends and co-workers who are into getting a tan indoors. You may also look for reviews online. Allow objective product assessments to be your guide. When you use the right product, you won't have to go back to approaches that involve UV light exposure.

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