Certified Sun Tan Lotion For Each Skin

By Haywood Hunter

The choice of tanning product determines your appearance. There are numerous tanners depending on your expected skin tone. The choice of sun tan lotion should be guided by your skin type. Manufacturers provide unique products for each type of skin and include instructions on the label. The instructions help you to achieve desired results.

Differences in skin type explain the existence of unique products for each. The label indicates if a tanner is to be used on normal, sensitive, dry or oily skin. It is important for a consumer to make the right choice in order to avoid allergic reactions and irritation. This damages the skin which is some cases would be irreversible.

The label comes with clear indication of expected tone. It tells the consumer that your skin will be dark, medium or very dark upon application. These tones are achievable through the use of different products for each skin. There is a tanner to produce a dark tone on sensitive skin while another would produce a medium tone on the same skin.

Tanners are available in such forms as wipes, creams, sprays, lotions and towelettes. The choice of which form to use depends on personal preference. An example is where sprays are chosen because they apply easily while lotions deliver a more than just tanning. Sprays are chilling to apply, which is a turnoff to many users, yet they deliver faster results.

Lotions are usually enhanced to deliver better results. The enhancements may include addition of sunscreen properties. Such enhancements add value for money for the consumer. Not all products from a particular brand are enhanced to offer an option to interested buyers.

Some tanners are best applied in a salon especially when one considers the area that requires tanning. Self application on the back is tricky and will not deliver the right results. Open areas like thighs, face and arms can be applied without the assistance of a salonist.

The face is provided with unique products because of its sensitive nature. The skin around the face is delicate and can best be handled through special attention. Manufacturers provide specific products and clear instructions to guide the consumer on how to achieve the best results. Special attention should be taken on the face because it affects self esteem and overall image.

Consumers should be interested in the number of layers that deliver expected results. The information is provided on the label. An instant tanner is ready for application alongside normal grooming substances. Those that take time must be applied several hours before or demand an overnight stay.

Properties to watch-out for include the smell, water resistance and how long the new tan lasts on the body. Some come with such blends as vanilla, strawberry, mint and citrus, among others. Blending makes them pleasant to smell.

Tanning lotions are sold in salons, online and departmental stores. The package determines the price. They come in a variety of sizes which also dictates the price. Availability in tubes, bottles and spray cans allows you to use up to the last drop. The prices are determined by the size of the pack.

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