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By Haywood Hunter

Now and then you will notice your skin getting a little pale when you have not been out in the sun for a while. Since you do not want to get some color under the sun because of the harmful effects it can bring, you can opt to take tanning pills instead. These tanning pills will give you a natural sun-kissed color, without the trouble of lying out in the sun for hours.

Tanning pills contain active ingredients that react with your skin. One kind of tanning pills contain canthaxanthin in them. They are a type of pigment that is commonly found in plants or in animals. It is a pigment that gives off a color to your skin when ingested in large amounts. You will see a bright brown tone on your skin a few days after you take in these tanning pills.

Other types of tanning pills have tyrosine in them. Tyrosine is the major precursor of melanin. Melanin is the pigment that produces the brown color on your epidermis. It acts on the basal layer, and induces and promotes the production of melanin. However, you still need to be exposed to a little bit of sun for this pill to work.

If you have a good amount of tyrosine circulating in your bloodstream, then you could produce more melanin. This basically makes it easier for you to get a deeper and bronzer tan in a short amount of time. Some of the tyrosine-containing tanning pills may also have copper in them. Copper is a vital ingredient in the conversion of tyrosine to melanin.

Another type of tanning pills are ones that contain carotenoids. Carotenoids are pigments that are usually found in carrots. However, when you ingest them in large numbers, like in tanning pills, they give your skin a bright brown color. With these pills, you do not have to expose yourself to the sun, but still maintain your beautiful color all year round.

You will notice that your tan will gradually fade in a couple of weeks. This is because your epidermis is renewed every thirty to forty days. Regular application is necessary if maintaining that color is what you want. Dead skin cells shed off in millions by the day. The pigment on your skin is shed off along with your skin cells, that is why you lose your color gradually.

The color of your skin is basically found on the epidermal layer. This area experiences a lot of pressure from the environment. Small scratches and dirt are found on the surface of your skin. If the skin did not shed, these scratches and wounds would be permanent. This is why your skin regenerates constantly. So keep on taking those tanning pills and your color will not fade away.

Tanning pills are one of the healthiest ways to get some color to your skin. Though the natural sun tan is probably the most beautiful tan, there are great risks that come with exposing yourself to the sun. After a few years, you skin will be wrinkled and will look like leather. Remember that these pills do not protect you from the UV rays of the sun, so wear UV protection at all times to maintain youthful looking skin.

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