Be Sure You Account For The Great Results That The Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Can Provide

By Haywood Hunter

If one is asked which the best indoor tanning lotion is, it is a difficult question to answer. Everyone has a different personal preference. However, one can have a look around and see which of these products has the highest reviews and sales. New ones are stocked on the shelves just about every other day, but the good ones will always be available as people keep using them.

Lying in the sun can make us feel good, but exposure is very unhealthy. It will leave age spots and wrinkles long before ones time. The same is said about the tanning booth. The UV rays can cause actinic keratosis and skin melanoma. This comes about as the skins immune system gets weaker and is unable to fight back. Mottled pigmentation or discoloring of the skin as well as coarse and fine wrinkle will start to show.

There is a new advanced bronzing lotion that is made by Designer Skin. This product has a combination of DHA and Erythrulose that will provide a darker coverage. It is easy to apply and will last longer than the normal lotions. There is a blend of triglycerides that help with maximum absorption so that no streaks will be visible.

Another one that has been on the market for many years and is still popular is Smoke Black by Supre. There have been many good reviews and finding a bad one is very hard. For those that have a budget and need to keep to it, this one is for you. It is not expensive and the retail price is $60, getting it online is about one third of the original.

Those that have had severe exposure to the sun, causing blisters before the age of 18, are more likely to have melanoma cells in the future. Any activity that is required outside, one must always remember to apply sun block or the maximum sun screen. Every time you apply this it will mean a healthier life later on.

Once you have gotten that perfect glow, using a sunless extended will help to keep it for a lot longer. It is a daily moisturizer which is free of heavy silicones. Botanical O2 helps with the circulation of oxygen to the skin so that it can help with the lasting tanning look. Do not use a normal moisturizer as this will make the tan fade much quicker.

Whatever type of skin you have, most of these products tend to leave your skin red and irritated. This is because they stimulate the cells. It can last a few hours and will feel very itchy. Try to avoid touching someone else and always remember to wash your hands after using this. As with most products there is always a negative side effect, but sometimes it is easier to bear with them and get a good result.

Any area that is very dry for example elbows, knees and hands apply a little moisturizing lotion before applying the tan. The dryer the skin is the darker the tan will turn out. Many of these lotions can leave marks on hands so try applying with latex gloves. Whichever lotion you apply, it will always be the safer choice then sitting outside.

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