Applying Sun Laboratories Dark Tanning Lotion To Attain A Golden Brown Skin Tone Safely

By Haywood Hunter

You can choose from among a variety of ways to darken your complexion without being exposed to UV rays. One of them is by using Sun laboratories dark indoor tanning lotion. Applying it enables you to instantly sport an artificial suntan that looks like the real thing. Because you don't have to sunbathe and the active ingredient is plant-based, there is no risk involved.

Getting too much UV radiation is inadvisable because it can considerably increase a person's chances of ending up with skin cancer. This disease can be very deadly especially if it's not detected and treated at an early stage. What's more, exposure UV radiation coming from the sun also promotes the early appearance of many aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles.

It's because of these horrible reasons why you should turn you back on sunbathing whenever you want to look beautiful and feel terrific. Sitting under the sun can do the complete opposite as it can endanger both your health and appearance. Today, there are many ways to get a tan indoors, and a popular method is the use of Sun Laboratories UV-free tanner.

Although the company's UV-free tanning solution comes in three different shades, the dark variant is preferred by many. The color produced is neither too light nor intense. It leaves the skin with a golden brown color similar to what a person ends up with after having sufficient sun exposure. The product is popular because attaining a realistic result with it is quite easy.

Applying the product smoothly all over is certainly a must for you to enjoy an outcome that's free of streaks. It will definitely help if you perform certain things just before you undergo an indoor tanning procedure. Taking the shower as well as exfoliating helps remove dirt and excess dead skin cells. Shaving is also recommended to eliminate unwanted body hair.

The active ingredient this lotion uses in order to effectively cause skin darkening is called dihydroxyacetone. DHA for short, it is 100% safe because it comes from sugar cane. The initial effect of the substance can be noticed in 3 hours. If you feel that the color is not as deep as you expected it to be, fret not because it will darken more 24 to 72 hours the application.

Although DHA requires some time to develop, this lotion has added tint that allows the user to immediately enjoy a change in complexion. The color it creates is short-lived as the tint's primary role is to take over while the product's main ingredient is still creating a realistic golden brown shade. The color produced by DHA usually stays around for 5 to 7 long days.

Someone who likes to enjoy a fake suntan that looks so real and lasts for a long time may order the indoor tanning set Sun Laboratories offers. Other than the dark UV-free tanner, it also includes the exfoliating body gel to be used in the shower before applying the lotion. The set also has the daily moisturizing lotion that helps make the golden brown color last.

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