A Balanced Guide To Features Of The Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

If you start a basic web search for online self tanner products, you are likely to be stumped by the number of offers returned by your search engine. As such, it is important to evaluate different online reviews before opting for any one product. The following guidelines will prove particularly helpful to anyone looking for the genuine Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark self tanning lotion.

Genuine self tanning lotions by Sun Labs are meticulously formulated to guarantee the user a product that is effective. Moreover, unless the formula is balanced properly, you cannot be certain that the self tanner will work on your skin well without leaving behind some unsightly blemishes and spots. To achieve this set of guarantees, Sun Labs tanners have just the right proportion of natural tan inducers.

The average user is however much more concerned about how the eventual tan will look to the eye, regardless of the lotion's formulation. As a guide, a good self induced tan should have a healthy bronze shade in appearance, much like the skin color of people living in sunny Mediterranean islands. This is as opposed to some of those unsightly tans which can be yellowish or orange in appearance.

As you review different skin tan product reviews, examine carefully which ones have been rated highly in terms of ease of application. Invariably, you will find that products fitting this bill are formulated with an extra measure of dark pigmentation. This is a deliberate measure which ensures that an even tan can be applied on the skin as any mistakes in how the tanner is spread will become apparent on a pale skin and therefore be corrected before it is too late.

Some users are understandably concerned, on first applying the tanner on the skin; that they will end up inducing a tan that is uncommonly dark in tint. This is a fear that is not founded on actual outcomes as the extra pigmentation is temporary and has no bearing on the eventual appearance of the tan. As soon as you take a shower, you will be glad to note that all of it washes off.

You should only apply an artificial skin tan if you are guaranteed that the eventual tan will last about a week. Indeed, it can be more trouble than you bargained for if you had to make a fresh application every couple of days just to keep appearances. By first exfoliating the skin, you will manage to add at least a couple of days to the longevity of your tan.

It is quite possible that in your quest for the best skin tanners on the web, you will find at least a couple of reviews mentioning that an artificial skin tan invariably comes with a decidedly unpleasant smell. Truth be said, this is a consequence which can result from application of an artificial skin tanner, but only if such a product is formulated with far much more synthetic skin tan inducer than necessary. A certified Sun Laboratories product is certain to leave only a faint, albeit pleasant fragrance on the skin.

For some people, the search for an effective indoor self tanning cream is an elusive dream. However, for those savvy enough to scour the web for genuine products that are rated highly products on objective forums, this quest can prove particularly fruitful. One look at a detailed Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark self tanning lotion will reveal why this is the case.

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