You Too Can Rely On Sun Labs Ultra Dark

By Haywood Hunter

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to always have a healthy glow? They effortlessly exude confidence with a glorious tan which radiates warmth and a bronze smooth and silky sheen. It is obvious that they couldn't always be reaching the beach, but they have however, mastered the faux tan. Sun Labs Ultra Dark lotion gives you the opportunity to achieve a beautiful bronzed skin, the healthy way.

Choose the color and product you prefer carefully, read the instructions for applications well, and be sure to follow them diligently. This is the best way to ensure a perfectly smooth and even glow, without embarrassing streaks or smudges. At first the task might seem a little frightening, but with the high quality products of today, and all the technological advances to simulate a natural sun-kissed glow, it couldn't be simpler.

Some people have been spooked by the horror stories of old regarding the home tanning lotions. This need not be the case though, since the technology is really advanced and has come leaps and bounds since then. The bright orange shock is no longer, just a beautiful and really natural looking bronze finish.

Another dilemma might be the odor which the lotion leaves behind after it reacts with the skin. This again, is not a problem, since most products have a very pleasant smell when applied and also after application. This is inspiring news which boosts confidence to try the appropriate color.

The products are diverse and come in different shades of darkness, appropriate to all tastes and preferences. They also might be in the form of a mousse, aerosol, airbrush color and lotion. Each one might have a very specific application method, but all have the same preparation method. There are a few steps which should be dealt with prior to application. These are exfoliating, washing, shaving and moisturizing.

Once you have diligently prepared the skin for the faux tan, you are ready to evenly spread it over the entire body. There are skin tanning lotions which are made especially for the neck and face areas, and these are well worth investing in, especially if you have very sensitive skin, or are prone to acne and breakouts. Rather read the application instructions carefully first, regardless of how many times you have done this routine.

It stands to reason, that the more you practice, the more self-confident you will become, and the more professional the finish. All it takes is a little well deserved personal time, to achieve the lovely and healthy glow you will love to wear. The color is deceiving lay natural looking, without the hazards that the sun's rays promise.

It is vitally important to always wear a good sunscreen; it promises to safe- guard your skin from the harmful UV rays and protects your skin from damage. You can now wear your new gorgeous faux tan with pride, and keep it maintained throughout even the coldest or wettest seasons. Being tanned has never been simpler or healthier!

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